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Mansfield Hospitals Theatre Troupe – CINDERELLA BLOG 3rd February 2018


 Two of my eldest grandchildren took me and Mamma to the pantomime on Wednesday night. You may have already read that fact in Ewan’s Blog.

The pantomime was Cinderella at Mansfield Palace Theatre and performed by Mansfield Hospitals Theatre Troupe. The pantomime was staged Saturday 27th January 2018 until Saturday 3rd February inclusive and with two matinees.

The Troupe of players are amateur but you would not know it with their ultra professional performance. The show was amazing. And to think we could have missed it.

We had seen the Nottingham Theatre Royal, Pantomime, Beauty and the Beast and I have to say, sorry Theatre Royal but the Mansfield Hospital Theatre Troupe beat you to bits.

The production was slicker, definitely funnier and flowed better. I enjoyed the fact it was traditional too. Prince Charming and Dandini (both played excellently) where girls, as they should be. And the Ugly Sisters sure were ugly.

Me and Mamma get additional fun when going to the theatre with the grandchildren by just watching their faces and reactions. We went with Rory and Freya who are both five years old.

For a start there was their excitement that they were actually going out after dark on a school night to something fun.

Freya has just started ballet class and she stared mouth wide opened widely in disbelief and admiration every time the dancers did their numbers. We wondered what was going through her mind. Was she thinking one day that WILL be me.

Rory loved the ghost scene. He was jumping up and down with so much excitement as he shouted out so loudly, with Freya “Behind you!” It is a good job no one was sitting in the seat in front of him. They would have lost their head.

Thanks to Uncle ColCol’s catching skills they each got a bag of sweets that Buttons threw into the audience. But Rory didn’t like them. We were tempted to throw them back but then thought better of it.

Freya knows the Cinderella story backwards. That is Disney for you. She obviously loved the Fairy Godmother, the beautiful shoes, the magnificent coach and Cinderella herself , of course. Rory on the other hand thought the ghosts the best bit. He also thought the firing of the water pistol into the audience (I don’t remember that bit in the original Cinderella story) was absolutely out of this world.

And Grandad…? I so loved the whole production but if I had to single characters out it would be the two ugly sisters. Their humour was brilliant especially for pantomime. I did like Dandini and of course Prince Charming. What’s a pantomime if there’s no thigh slapping?

Buttons was amazing too, ultra professional. He was a typical Buttons, keeping the children interested along with keeping the momentum of panto moving along. Last but not least we must not forget Bob the Bunny who sat on stage for most of the performance.

Cinderella was fantastic value at £8, especially after we consider how much we had to pay for the Nottingham Theatre Royal pantomime.

The Mansfield Hospital Troupe started performing annual pantomimes in 1980, the year Me and Mamma had our second child. Including that year and this year they have performed 39 pantomimes raising over £120,000 for charity.

Excellent work! So, well done! Mansfield Hospital Troupe – I love you, on behalf of me, my grandchildren and family I thank you.




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