One of our most favourite recent TV series has been Meet The Richardsons on Dave TV. This is a sort of Reality-Docu-Soap-Comedy series following the life of the comedian Jon Richarson and his comedienne wife Lucy Beaumont.

The similarities between me and Jon Richardson are just unreal. To be honest me and Mamma think he and I must have been separated at birth.

Ok, there are some minor differences: He was born 26 September 1982, I was born 33 years before him in April. He is a stand-up comedian. I am not. But I do try to write a humorous Blog. He is a star of stage and TV screen. I go to see shows at theatres and I am a big fan of watching TV. He is a big football fan and follows Leeds United FC. I do not like any sport. He is hugely into drinking and having his own pub in his garden. I am tea total and crave my own superb office in my garden where I can sit and write and write all day every day. I was, however, a big drinker in my younger days, until I was 48 years old.

That is enough of the negative thinking. The negative things are not what this article is about. The article is about how much Jon Richardson and me are identical.

In the TV programme about their life he explains his dislike of some social mixing. That is me to a ‘T’. He has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive personality disorder. I have not because I come from a generation that thinks that is a modern disorder and not recognised by us. But if I had been born 33 years later may be people would say some of my habits if not all are due to obsessive compulsive personality disorder.

Due to me being the same person as Jon Richardson, Mamma suffers in exactly the same way as his wife Mrs Richardson (Lucy Beaumont) suffers. Consequently, Mamma has the same pet names for me as Lucy has for Jon Richardson like ‘tw*t’ and ‘kn**head’, along with loads of other similar names. Mamma constantly sympathised with Lucy and her relationship with her husband all the way through the TV series, commenting, “Been there, done that, got the ‘T’ shirt. Mamma delights (I think) in the knowledge that she has experienced all Lucy’s overwhelming marital frustrations.

In exactly the same way as Lucy, Mamma never had a mother, mummy, mum or mom. She had a ‘Mam!’ Consequently, in celebration of Lucy Beaumont’s classic ‘Mamma Mia’ joke. Letting your Mam know you have arrived. I now refer to Mamma as Mamma Mia.

I always used to refer to Mamma as ‘Mumps’. This was to remain respectful in front of the children. I initially called her “Mum”. Then she had mumps so obviously her name became “Mumps”. When grandchildren came on the scene her name progressed to ‘Mamma’. And now this seems a natural progression to call her “Mamma Mia” and it also gives us a warm happy feeling as it makes us reflect on the Richardson’s humour.

I hate printers! Printers for computers that is. They are all crap! You can’t find a good quality one that works consistently well and gives regular, good prints. They are costly to operate with expensive inks which constantly run out. I recently needed a new printer as yet again mine had given up the ghost. I subscribed to “Which” the consumer magazine at £7.99 per month and on their recommendation bought the best they said was on offer in the world. But as ever it was hopeless, worse than crap.

In ‘Meet the Richardsons’ S2 E8 Jon has a couple of minutes rant purely condemning printers and I thought it was me speaking. It was my views verbatim. Just uncanny to hear your own words coming out of someone else’s mouth.

Another uncanny link to me in one episode was Jon talking about looking forward in time to when he is 90 years old. He said when they are playing repeats of his shows on Dave which will probably have been revamped and renamed “Phil” or something like that by then. Why out of all available blokes’ names did he come up with mine? It can only be because he and I think as one, we are of one mind. Eerie or what?

Finally, and this one is bizarre. One of my favourite TV film documentaries ever was broadcast in 1973. “Too Long a Winter”. An award-winning documentary that follows the solitary existence of Hannah Hauxwell, a farmer who lives all alone in a remote farmhouse without electricity or running water, in the isolated dale of Baldersdale in County Durham. I became obsessed with her life. I loved the area, her isolated life and everything about this dear old lady. I’ve followed her story all my life.

After all these years I thought I was the only person to get obsessed by her. I’d never heard anyone else mention her or even know of her. Until Jon Richardson came along.

In the closing episode of Series 2 Lucy brought up the subject of Jon Richardson’s obsession with Hannah Hauxwell. The Richardsons’ even took time out to show a couple of minutes of the black and white documentary about her, ‘Too Long A Winter’. Me and Mamma could not believe it.

That could only happen where folk are spookily and mysteriously on the same wavelength.

There can only be one answer we were separated at birth. Jon was probably just kept on ice for 33 years.

And just one last point or admission, I do find Lucy a fanciable girl, too. And I do not say that about many girls. Not many can compete with Mamma. But I can see where Jon is coming from and why he married her, but it’s probably best not to tell Mamma Mia!

Lucy Beaumont has a book coming out in September Click on the picture to go to Lucy Beaumont site.

Click on the picture to go to Jon Richardson Site


TOP TEN Best Autobiography Titles

  1. Coreyography, Corey Feldman, actor and singer
  2. Auto Da Fay, Fay Weldon
  3. It’s About A Ball, Alan Ball, youngest member of England’s 1966 team
  4. Fourth Among Equals. “By that bloke in the Gang of Four who wasn’t Jenkins, Owen or Williams”: Bill Rodgers, co-founder of the Social Democratic Party in 1981
  5. Me: Moir, Vic Reeves, comedian, real name Jim Moir
  6. Kind of Blue, Kenneth Clarke
  7. The Third Man, Peter Mandelson
  8. Known and Unknown, Donald Rumsfeld
  9. Tim Book Two, second part of the autobiography of Tim Burgess, lead singer of The Charlatans
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From the Daily Telegraph

Seven in ten support delaying the 21 June lifting of lockdown restrictions             

Freedom Postponed: Boris Johnson announces that many restrictions due to be lifted on 21 June will now remain in place, probably for around four more weeks.            

And according to a YouGov Poll 71% of English people asked today say they support this delay, with 41% saying they ‘strongly’ support it              

Only a quarter (24%) of those living in England oppose the decision, with 14% saying they ‘strongly’ oppose it         

There is widespread support across social groups, but a big age divide – 81% of those aged 65 or older support a delay, compared to 54% of those aged 18-24  





Life does not owe you anything because life has already given you everything. – Ralph Marston


Happiness is…the Richardsons or is it the Robinsons?


Yesterday, I changed a light bulb, crossed the street, and walked into a bar. My life is a joke.


Love is…lighting up someone’s life.


A time to be Jeannie…A time to be Mumps…A time to be Mamma Mia.


15th June

1667 – The first human blood transfusion is administered by Dr. Jean-Baptiste Denys.

1825 The foundation stone of the New London Bridge was laid by ‘the grand old’ Duke of York. It now spans an artificial lake in Arizona.

1911 The birth of the Reverend Wilbert Vere Awdry, English Anglican cleric, railway enthusiast, and children’s author. He was the creator of Thomas the Tank Engine, the central figure in his acclaimed railway stories. Awdry was born at Ampfield vicarage near Romsey and his father was vicar of Ampfield church.

1929  British made Bentleys occupied the first four places at the finish of the Le Mans 24 hour race in France.

1998   Britain introduced a £2 coin.


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