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 I have to say what very often amuses me more than the comedy I love to watch on TV is some of the reviews about the very same programmes.

I find some of the reviewers are so poor. The writers are so naïve and inexperienced. If they are taking advantage of the privilege to be able to review the programme, they should at least have the decency of putting some effort in to understand the nature of the programme.

Also. if you are getting someone to review a comedy programme just find someone with a good basic sense of humour in the first place.

This is the review posted on MSN News 2nd January 2021 about Mrs Brown’s Boys New Year’s Special.

“Mrs Brown’s Boys blunder as awkward outtake scene is left in New Year’s special

 Mrs Brown’s Boy’s aired its second festive special on Friday night, as fans were overjoyed to see the show return.

And it even contained an outtake scene between Agnes Brown (Brendan O’Carroll) and Winnie McGoogan (Eilish O’Carroll).

Agnes and Winnie were discussing the fact that Agnes had discovered her husband Redser Brown had fathered an illegitimate son.

Struggling to get to grips with the word “illigitemate”, Winnie asked: “Have you decided what you’re going to do about Redser’s interlitimate son?”

Agnes replied: “I contacted him, I told him to call over here.”

“Oh, when?” asked Winnie.

“Whenever he likes,” replied Agnes.

Winnie said: “Oh, well you don’t seem very put out, Agnes.”

Trying not to laugh, Agnes replied: “That’s a different scene.”

Realising her error, Winnie replied: “It’s a different scene completely.”

The pair, who are brother and sister in real life, collapsed into giggles before attempting the scene once more.

“Oh you’ll be very nervous!” said Winnie.

“Well, not now because of you!” joked Agnes, as the actors laughed again.

“Okay that’s a wrap!” said Agnes.

That was not the only time the show became aware of itself – as the vicar, Father Damien, kept appearing in scenes.

But each time, Agnes told him he was not supposed to be in this episode.

“Oh, but I’ve got a script?” he replied confusedly.

One viewer tweeted: ” #MrsBrownsBoys quoting lines from the wrong scene but they keep it in”.

“My tummy hurts from all of the laughing at #MrsBrownsBoys I don’t think the script was needed the amount it was ignored,” wrote another.

A third added: “Another funny episode of @MrsBrownsBoys one thing for sure is that it never fails to make me laugh #MrsBrownsBoys “.

* Mrs Brown’s Boys is available now on BBC iPlayer”



Doesn’t the reviewer realise adlibbing and things like the priest with script are what Mrs Brown’s Boys are all about. It is all part of the humour that us seasoned Mrs Brown’s Boys watchers sit waiting for. They are so part of every show that I believe they are written into the show purposely. Not to be edited out as outtakes.

I was beginning to wonder whether the reviewer was so naive that she did not know Mrs Brown was a man. But in the review, it does say: “The pair, who are brother and sister in real life.” Referring to Mrs Brown and Winnie.

So, why do I even bother going to the trouble to mention it?

Two reasons, firstly, I am force fed with such ridiculous reviews whether I want it or not on my computer screen.

And secondly, the hopeless reviewer is given a writing job which try as I might (and I have tried hard over 50 years) I cannot get, yet my quality of review would be 100% better quality (obviously in my view).



10 most-streamed songs on Spotify

 The following table lists the top 10 most-streamed songs on Spotify, with streams rounded to the nearest million, as well as the artist(s), the album it is currently published to Spotify on, and the date it was originally published on Spotify.                                                                             


Rank      Song                                       Artist(s)                                  Album                                    Streams                 Date

(Millions)      Published

1              Shape of You                        Ed Sheeran                           ÷                                              2,680      06-Jan-17

2              Rockstar                                 Post Malone ft 21 Savage  Beerbongs & Bentleys        2,088      15-Sep-17

3              Dance Monkey                    Tones and I                           The Kids Are Coming        2,021      10-May-19

4              One Dance                            Drake featuring Wizkid and Kyla    Views                     1,958      05-Apr-16

5              Closer                                     The Chainsmokers ft Halsey  Collage                             1,918      29-Jul-16

6              Blinding Lights                    The Weeknd                         After Hours                          1,816      29-Nov-19

7              Sunflower                              Post Malone and Swae Lee

 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and Hollywood’s Bleeding 1,770      18-Oct-18

8              Señorita Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes Romance and Shawn Mendes           1,696      21-Jun-19

9              Someone You Loved          Lewis Capaldi      Breach and Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent        1,690      08-Nov-18

10           Thinking Out Loud             Ed Sheeran                           ×                                              1,676      20-Jun-14





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— Steve Case


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