SHOP FOR CHRISTMAS 2021 – I THINK NOT! BLOG Saturday 16th January 2021


2021 seems to have turned me into a moaning old git, which I detest being. I just do not like that image. But it’s the internet that is doing my head in, honest m’lud.

And here’s another MSN News (maybe I am not an MSN kind of guy) item taken from the Australian Daily Mail which is an even greater waste of everyone’s time. And an editor both for the newspaper and internet site needs firing as they are not doing their job properly. Although it was probably because the Office Junior (do they have such a position these days) was left in charge over Christmas. Or more like it the Office Cat. Again, it insults not only my intelligence but that of the world.

Without more ado, read this, and warn your intelligence it is about to be insulted.

“Australian Daily Mail.

Mum finishes her 2021 Christmas shopping three days into the New Year.

 Alice Murphy For Daily Mail Australia.

A militarily organised mother has stunned the internet by finishing her Christmas shopping for 2021 just three days into the New Year.

The woman went to a Kmart store in Canberra in search of seasonal reductions and bagged 24 champagne flutes, nine side plates, two 12-piece dinner sets, a drinks stand, a water dispenser, a frozen drink maker and a festive platter for just $80.

A photo of her haul has gone viral on social media, racking up 711 likes since it was uploaded to an Australian consumer group on Facebook.

‘Already organised for next Christmas for less than $80. There’s a reason I love Kmart,’ she wrote in the caption.

Her remarkable organisation has sparked some delighted responses.

‘Wow! Good job,’ one woman replied.

‘Fabulous,’ added a second.

A third said she ‘loved the flute glasses’.

One Queensland woman complained that none of her local outlets had clearance offers left after Christmas.

‘All of the Kmart’s around me on the Gold Coast had next to nothing left, even before Christmas,’ she wrote.

‘Nothing like last year, hopefully next year will be better. Congratulations on your bargains!’

Replying to queries about her haul, the mother confirmed everything had been marked down in a clearance sale but did not disclose the individual price of each item.

Many said they ‘wished’ they had enough storage space to stock up on festive bargains almost a year in advance.””



This story is wrong on so many levels. For a start whose f******* interested. And this is a situation where the word f******* is very relevant.

If a publication and internet site finds the need to publish that story they are scraping the barrel and lacking in research and imagination. Please, please give me that job!

Then let’s move on to the sad, sad, woman who is the subject of the story.

What an uninteresting boring person must you be if you feel the need to get your Christmas shopping for Christmas 2021 done by January 2021. Why? You are obviously wanting to avoid the Christmassy feelings and trends at Christmas 2021.

And there is no thought or feeling put into those presents. It’s just an horrendous task to get out of the way. No spirit of Christmas there then. If I was one of her friends, which fortunately I’m not, I would feel the gift was not given with the true spirit of Christmas.

There is not one iota of Christmas feeling there. To be honest she’d be far better getting all her friends together and saying look shall we not bother exchanging Christmas presents from now on. She saves even more money and time and what’s more so does all her friends. And everyone gets an even better-quality Christmas.

But if the woman in question feels she’s missing out winding her friends up at Christmas by not giving them piss poor, cheap presents she can always send them an irritating round robin Christmas card.

And breath… rant over.




The Official Top 40 biggest songs of 2020


                TITLE                                                    ARTIST                                                                 PEAK

1              BLINDING LIGHTS                          WEEKND                                                              1

2              DANCE MONKEY                             TONES & I                                                          1

3              ROSES                                                   SAINT JHN                                                          1

4              BEFORE YOU GO                             LEWIS CAPALDI                                               1

5              HEAD & HEART                               JOEL CORRY FT MNEK                                 1

6              DON’T START NOW                         DUA LIPA                                                            2

7              ROCKSTAR                                         DABABY FT RODDY RICCH                       1

8              SOMEONE YOU LOVED                LEWIS CAPALDI                                               1

9              OWN IT                                                STORMZY/ED SHEERAN/BURNA BOY   1

10           WATERMELON SUGAR                 HARRY STYLES                                                4


12           THE BOX                                             RODDY RICCH                                                 2

13           SAY SO                                                 DOJA CAT                                                           2

14           LONELY                                               JOEL CORRY                                                      4

15           BREAKING ME                                 TOPIC FT A7S                                                    3

16           ADORE YOU                                       HARRY STYLES                                                7

17           RAIN ON ME                                      LADY GAGA & ARIANA GRANDE            1

18           ROVER                                                 S1MBA FT DTG                                                 3

19           PHYSICAL                                           DUA LIPA                                                            3

20           MOOD                                                   24KGOLDN FT IANN DIOR                           1

21           DEATH BED                                       POWFU FT BEABADOOBEE                         4

22           LIFE IS GOOD                                    FUTURE FT DRAKE                                         3

23           WAP                                                       CARDI B FT MEGAN THEE STALLION    1

24           BRUISES                                              LEWIS CAPALDI                                               6

25           TOOSIE SLIDE                                   DRAKE                                                                 1

26           BAD GUY                                             BILLIE EILISH                                                  2

27           GODZILLA                                          EMINEM FT JUICE WRLD                             1

28           MEMORIES                                         MAROON                                                            5

29           EVERYTHING I WANTED             BILLIE EILISH                                                  3

30           INTENTIONS                                      JUSTIN BIEBER FT QUAVO                          8

31           ROXANNE                                           ARIZONA ZERVAS                                          4

32           RAIN                                                     AITCH/AJ TRACEY/TAY KEITH                 3

33           FLOWERS                                            NATHAN DAWE FT JAYKAE                       12

34           FALLING                                              HARRY STYLES                                                15

35           THIS CITY                                           SAM FISCHER                                                   16

36           SAVAGE                                               MEGAN THEE STALLION                             3

37           DINNER GUEST                                AJ TRACEY FT MOSTACK                            5

38           RIDE IT                                                REGARD                                                              2

39           BLUEBERRY FAYGO                      LIL MOSEY                                                         9

40           LIGHTER                                             NATHAN DAWE FT KS                                  I


©2021 Official Charts Company. All rights reserved.




“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

— Ralph Waldo Emerson


Happiness is…Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and buying a Christmas gift at full price and full of Happy Christmas feeling.


Entered what I ate today into my new fitness app and it just sent an ambulance to my house.


Love is…living for each other


A time for Christmas Shopping…A time for January sales.


©2021 Phil M Robinson