IS MUSIC’S NEXT BIGGEST THING WAITING IN THE WINGS ready to explode on the scene and change music forever?

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 16th November 2017

I have always loved popular music, rock, C&W, Easy Listening and the majority of Classical Music. My life has always had an ongoing, forever growing soundtrack. But of late I have struggled to enjoy a lot of the new music. I feared it was my age, I still loved the stuff I’d always loved and they made me feel good. But most new stuff left me cold.

My instant reaction was that there was just not the talent coming through at the moment.

But then I tried to be honest with myself and thought you are finally getting old, accept it. But I couldn’t I want to have a young outlook where music is concerned.

My all time favourite singer is Roy Orbison and at the beginning of November there was a new album of his with him singing with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Done with the wizardry of the mixing desk as Roy Orbison died in 1988. I checked out the album chart to find the album had come straight in at No.2. The No.1 was Sam Smith whose music I love anyway.

When I look through the chart of Top 30 best selling albums, 16 albums are artistes from the past that I have always enjoyed at varying levels. And 8 are from today’s artistes I enjoy.

So I think it is back to my original theory. It’s not me getting old, there is just not the talent around at the moment.  It’ll change it always does. You get a bad spell of nothingness, a darkest before the dawn and then a new amazing artist will explode on the scene changing music forever. I saw it with Elvis and Bill Haley, The Beatles and The Stones, Rod Stewart and Elton John, the Punk era, Oasis and Blur, Spice Girls, Adele and so many more. Love them or hate them they injected new excitement into the music scene and lifted it from the doldrums where we seem to be at the moment.

So please, please come on let’s have the next explosive era in music.

Here is the Album Chart for 11th November 2017 so you can see for yourself

Roy Orbison with RPO – A Love So Beautiful

Pos          LW         Title                                                                        Artist

1              New        THE THRILL OF IT ALL                                 SAM SMITH                                        CAPITOL

2              New        A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL                                 ROY ORBISON/RPO                         SONY MUSIC CG

3              1              TOGETHER AGAIN                                          MICHAEL BALL & ALFIE BOE      DECCA

4              6              DIVIDE                                                                 ED SHEERAN                                     ASYLUM

5              5              BEAUTIFUL TRAUMA                                    PINK                                                      RCA

6              3              NAT KING COLE & ME                                   GREGORY PORTER                          BLUE NOTE

7              4              LISTEN WITHOUT PREJUDICE – VOL 1 GEORGE MICHAEL                             SONY MUSIC CG

8              7              AS YOU WERE                                                   LIAM GALLAGHER                         WARNER BROS

9              New        SHERIDAN                                                          SHERIDAN SMITH                           EAST WEST

10           2              SCREAM ABOVE THE SOUNDS                  STEREOPHONICS                             PARLOPHONE

11           New        ULTIMATE                                                          BRYAN ADAMS                                 POLYDOR

12           New        RED PILL BLUES                                              MAROON 5                                          INTERSCOPE

13           New        GAME OVER                                                       DAVE                                                    DAVE

14           10           HEARTBREAK ON A FULL MOON              CHRIS BROWN                                  RCA

15           21           IN THE LONELY HOUR                                  SAM SMITH                                        CAPITOL

16           16           CHRISTMAS                                                       MICHAEL BUBLE                            REPRISE

17           New        ONE VOICE – BELIEVE                                   ALED JONES                                       GLOBAL

18           12           HUMAN                                                                RAG’N’BONE MAN                   BEST LAID PLANS/COLUMBIA

19           38           HARRY STYLES                                                HARRY STYLES                                COLUMBIA

20           9              FLICKER                                                              NIALL HORAN                              CAPITOL

21           New        TROUBLE NO MORE – THE BOOTLEG SERIES 13 – BOB DYLAN                 SONY MUSIC CG

22           15           WONDERFUL WONDERFUL                          KILLERS                                         EMI

23           13           GANG SIGNS & PRAYER                                STORMZY                                           MERKY

24           14           STONEY                                                               POST MALONE                               REPUBLIC RECORDS

25           22           X                                                                             ED SHEERAN                                 ASYLUM

26           27           DUA LIPA                                                            DUA LIPA                                          WARNER BROS

27           23           MOANA                                      MOTION PICTURE CAST RECORDING             WALT DISNEY

28           17           CONCRETE AND GOLD                                 FOO FIGHTERS                                COLUMBIA

29           40           TWENTY FIVE                                                 GEORGE MICHAEL                         AEGEAN

30           25           CURTAIN CALL – THE HITS                        EMINEM                                              INTERSCOPE


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Come Away With Me by Norah Jones,

Highest chart position No.1 (Album) Album track and title No.1 11th May 2002