My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters by Catherine Wilkins

My Brilliant Life and Other Disasters by Catherine Wilkins

Paperback:           208 pages

Age Range:           8-12 years

Publisher:              Nosy Crow Ltd

Jessica and Natalie are best friends again, but things have changed a bit. Jessica’s got new friends now and the comic that they’ve put together has just launched in school to great acclaim. Jess is really enjoying her new-found fame and starts to neglect the wildlife project she’s doing with Natalie. But Scarlett, a new cartoonist on the block, is after her comic crown. It’s felt-tip pens at dawn! Why are you pulling that face?’ Amelia asks me. ‘Are you bored with planning my sleepover?’ This is how Natalie leaps to my defence: ‘Oh, Jess just has a slightly weird face.’ Still, at least…


Catherine Wilkins is a writer and comedian. She grew up in Hertfordshire and now lives in London. She writes jokes and stories which she performs around the country to strangers in the dark, trying to make them laugh. Catherine has always wanted to write funny stories for children and is finding the whole process more exciting than that time she bungee jumped. Which is pretty exciting. If you think about it.


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