Nell and the Circus of Dreams by Nell Gifford

Nell and the Circus of Dreams by Nell Gifford BLOG 27th May 2019


Nell and the Circus of Dreams by Nell Gifford (Author), Briony May Smith (Illustrator)


Hardcover:           32 pages

Age:                        2-7 years

Publisher:              OUP Oxford


When a little girl called Nell makes friends with a tiny chick on her farm, it is the start of a journey that leads her into a dreamy circus realm. Was it something real or did it spring from her imagination? Nell will never be sure . . . but she leaves the tent uplifted by the wonderland that she found inside.


Beautifully written by Nell Gifford, founder of Giffords Circus, and with stunning illustrations from Briony May Smith, this story brings the heart-stopping magic of the circus to the pages of a book. With a linen feel cover and foil, this sumptuous hardback makes a perfect gift choice.


About the Author

Nell Gifford is the visionary founder of Giffords Circus. It is a touring circus that epitomises the very best about the art form – incredible human skill and a respect for all of its performers. With handmade costumes, passionate performers, vintage vehicles, and happy, well-trained animals, Giffords Circus has delighted and entertained over 650,000 people since it started in 2000, touring during the summer months in the Cotswolds and in London. The circus enjoys an international reputation, attracting some of the very best performers from around the world.


About the Illustrator

Briony May Smith graduated in 2014 with a First Class BA (Hons) from Falmouth University. She is now a freelance illustrator specializing in children’s books and graphic novels, and in 2015 her first picture book, Imelda and the Goblin King, was published by Flying Eye Books. Briony currently lives in Berkshire.


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The Greatest Show – Cast from the film Greatest Showman

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