Saturday 9th September 2017




A new series that looks at important numbers

1              10 trees were needed to make the paper to print the 2013 repoert on the enviromental impact of the British HS2 rail scheme. (QI)

2              6 the number of pints of tea British soldiers were rationed to in the First World War. (QI)


3              2.3million the number of gallons of milk a herd of 800 cows produces in 1 year


4              2,303,500,000 Total number of Beatle albums sold


5              4,000 total number of different versions of the classic Beatles tune Yesterday have been recorded by other artists. It holds record for most recorded versions of a song


6              9 is the number of golf courses eligible to hold The British Open Golf Championships


7              2000 the number of elephants that weigh the same as the railway tracks that were used through the Channel Tunnel that is 6000tonnes


8              8¼ mile long M6 Preston By-pass was the first motorway to be opened in the UK . It was opened on the 5th December 1958


9              67 the number of miles (107km) which was the length of the M1, between Crick and Berrygrove,The third, and first major inter-urban, motorway to be opened in the year 1959


10           193.5 mi[1] (311.4 km) The length of the M1 today