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1              0              The number of words beginning with ‘X’ in the Samuel Johnson Dictionary of the English              Language published in 1755

2              0              The number of words in the English language rhyming with ‘orange’ or ‘silver’.

3              2              The Chinese ideogram for ‘trouble’ shows two women living under one roof.

4              4              The English language has 4 times as many words as the French language

5              5              Disneyworld is bigger than the world’s 5 smallest countries

6              5              The number of children Ralph and Carolyn Cummins had between 1952 and 1966 all born on 20th February in different years

7              5              The number of years it took Marva Drew of Iowa, US to type all the numbers from one to one million

8              6              6% is the percentage of Beatles autographs in circulation that are reckoned to be guenuine

9              6              The number of months an outbreak of contagious laughter lasted in Tanganyika lasted in 1962. It even caused schools to be closed

10           10           The number of minutes it took George Gershwin and Irvine  Caesar to write the song ‘Swanee’ – whichsold over two million copies in 1919 after being recorded by Al Jolson

11           11           The lowest whole number not mentioned in a single Beatles song

12           32           The number of wives of King Mongut of Siam .He had 32 wives and concubines during his lifetime who produced at least 82 children, Reign 2 April 1851 – 1 October 1868 Lived 18 October 1804 until  1 October 1868 (aged 63) Outside Thailand, he is best known as the king in the 1951 musical and 1956 film The King and I, based on the 1946 film Anna and the King of Siam – in turn based on a 1944 novel by an American missionary about Anna Leonowens’ years at his court, from 1862 to 1867.

13           35           There is enough graphite in the average pencil to draw a line 35 miles

14           100         The number of times lightning strikes the earth every second

15           123         The number of snails the average French citizen eats a year

16           600         The number of different ways to make love according to the Marquis de Sade

17           812         The number of three letter words in the English languagr

18           1,700      The number of words invented by Shakespeare

19           5,700      The number of characters on an old-fashioned Chinese typewriter

20           10,000   The number of women Maigret author Georges Simenon claimed to have slept with.

21           20,000   The number of oganisms in a glass pof water

22           25,000   Juan Potomchi an Argentinian,  left the equivalent of £25,000to his local theatre on condition that they used his skull when performing Hamlet

23           27,000   The average number of kilos of food the average person eats in a lifetime

24           95,940   The number of words in the longest will in history – which was drawn up for Frederica Cook,an American woman. When it was proved at London’s Somerset Housein 1925 it consisted of four bound volumes. Incredibly she only left around £25,000

25           248,000,000         The number of $ taken at the box office by The Blair Witch Project. It cost $22,000 to make the film.


Source : Numberland The World In Numbers by Mitchell Symons


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