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Jane Austen’s Nice Little Numbers. Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel is being screened on ITV, Sundays (tonight), 9.00pm adapted by Andrew Davies


1              6 is the number of novels she completed 4 were published in her lifetime, annonymously, with Persuasion and Northanger Abbey following after her death

2              41 – The age at which Jane Austen died

3              1817 – The year Jane Austen died.

4              1995 – The year of ‘Austenmania’ $ major adaptations were released: Sense & Sensibility, Persuasion, Pride & Prejudice, Clueless (Emma set in US High school)

5              19 – The age of Elinor Dashwood in the book Sense & Sensibility

6              36 – The age of Emma Thompson when she played Elinor in the 1995 film. She won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay

7              2000 – The largest first edition run for Austen’s books in her lifetime

8              20 million – No. of copies of Pride & Prejudice sold to date

9              2017 – The year Jane Austen was featured on the £10 note

10           £631 Jane Austen’s total income before tax earned in her lifetime for writing.

11           £45,000 – rough equivalent in today’s money

12           8 – The number of episodes in the current season of Sanditon by Jane Austen on ITV

13           $16 million – Budget for 1995 Film Sense & Sensibility

14           $135 million – Box Office for 1995 Film Sense & Sensibility

15           1775 – Jane Austen’s was born on December 16, 1775, in Steventon, Hampshire.


…and 7 random facts:

Sanditon is a fictional seaside village in Sussex

There is no mention on Jane Austen’s gravestone that she was an author

Jane Austen thought of her novels as children

In letters to her sister, Jane described Pride and Prejudice (1813) as her “darling child” and wrote “I am never too busy to think of S & S (Sense and Sensibility). I can no more forget it than a mother can forget her sucking child”.

This is an interesting analogy because, like pregnancy and childbirth, the creation of her novels was a long and laborious process. Pride and Prejudice, for example, was a long time in the making – she started the first draft in October 1796 but the book wasn’t published until January 1813. The (unread) manuscript was rejected by the first publisher to whom it was sent.

Jane Austen was believed to suffer from Addison’s Disease, a long-term disease that made her lack in producing steroid hormones.

The disease that caused Jane Austen’s death was believed to be Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of cancer in the blood.

Austen died in Winchester on July 18, 1817, at the age of 4

Sanditon (1817) is an unfinished novel by the English writer Jane Austen. In January 1817, Austen began work on a new novel she called The Brothers, later titled Sanditon upon its first publication in 1925, and completed eleven chapters before stopping work in mid-March 1817, probably because her illness prevented her from continuing.

Jane Austen


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