2020 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS BLOG    8th January 2020


1              77           The 77th Golden Globe Awards winners were announced on Sunday 5 January, 2020 at 5pm PT/8pm ET.    The Golden Globes took place at The Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

2              1944       1944 – THE GOLDEN GLOBES’ INAUGURAL YEAR.

3              4              Only four awards were handed out that year

4              2              2 – THE NUMBER OF WINNERS WHO WERE IN THE BATHROOM WHEN THEIR NAMES WERE ANNOUNCED. In 2001, Renee Zellweger nearly missed her big moment when she was in the restroom while being named “Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy” for her performance in Nurse Betty. This also happened to Christine Lahti in 1998.

5              5.5          5.5 – THE WEIGHT IN POUNDS OF THE GOLDEN GLOBES STATUETTE.

6              10.75      It stands at 10.75 inches tall and looks marvelous on anyone’s mantle.

7              25           25 – THE TOTAL NUMBER OF AWARDS HANDED OUT.

8              14           That’s 14 for film and 11 for television each. So please, keep your speech brief.

9              630         $630 – THE ESTIMATED VALUE OF THE WOMEN’S GIFT BAGS.

10           5.5          5,500 – THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WHO ATTEND THE GOLDEN GLOBES.That figure is including press, production members, and personal assistants.


12           85,000   That’s roughly $85,000 worth of Moët & Chandon. Cheers!

13           500         500 cocktails will be crafted inside once the ceremony gets underway

14           10,000   Celebrity florist Mark’s Garden is behind the floral designs for this year’s show, and the California-based business is expected to fly in more than 10,000 blooms from Ecuador and Italy for the ceremony.

15           30,000   Lindt is once again the official chocolate supplier of the Golden Globes. The brand debuted a new, limited-edition Lindor gift box at this year’s show, and the striking red box was filled with Lindt’s iconic milk chocolate truffles. There was nearly 30,000 chocolate-covered treats circulated around the ballroom.

16           1,200      1,200 members of the international media were on hand to cover the annual festivities, as well as hundreds more who will be working the event in different capacities.

17           5              Number of Ceremonies Hosted by Ricky Gervais: 5 (the most of any host)

18           31           Most Total Nominations: 31 for Meryl Streep

19           7              Most Wins for a Movie in Single Year: 7 for La La Land in 2017

20           2              Number of Movies to Win 6 Golden Globes in One Year: 2 (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 1976 and Midnight Express in 1979)

21           4              Number of Movies to Win 5 Golden Globes in One Year: 4 (Love Story in 1971; Doctor Zhivago in 1966; The Godfather in 1973; and A Star Is Born in 1977)

22           6              Most Nominations for a TV Show in 2017: 6 for “Big Little Lies”

23           4              Most Awards for Best Director – Motion Picture: 4 for Elia Kazan

24           5              Most Times Nominated in the Movie Acting Categories Without Ever Losing: 5 for Rosalind Russell

25           71           71 years Age gap between the Globes’ oldest and youngest winners — 80-year-old Jessica Tandy for Driving Miss Daisy in 1990 and nine-year-old Ricky Schroder in 1980 for The Champ

26           2,599      Admission is by invite only. If you are not content sitting at home and watching the show in your pyjamas, you can book a package at the Beverly Hilton for the weekend. Packages often include a ticket to gain access to some of the after parties, and possibly even the bleacher seats along the red carpet. Getting a ticket to the after parties is not cheap or easy. Your best bet is to consult a reputable ticket provider like VIP Concierge. According to E! News, weekend packages can cost at least $2,599, and are extremely limited.

27           800         But when it comes to the actual statuettes? Those are produced for only about $800 a pop, Marketwatch reports, on par with the $500 to $900 per-unit cost of making an Oscar, according to Business Insider. The price varies in part because gold prices can fluctuate widely over time.

28           20,000   When Burt Reynolds was hard up for cash in 2014, he was probably glad to have won not one but two Golden Globe awards during his career – including a surprise win for his performance in 1997’s Boogie Nights. That second globe netted the star nearly $22,000 alone, according to auction records. That’s far more than the $14,080 he received for his first statuette, which he won in 1992 for his role in the television show Evening Shade. The disparity suggests that, as with Olympic medals and other prestigious awards, figuring out the worth of a particular Golden Globe has a lot more to do with who won the prize – and for what work – than it does with the statuette’s underlying value.

29           17,500   Reynolds isn’t the only actor to have auctioned off a Golden Globe, but the prices he fetched seem to be about typical for what major stars expect to get for their awards. When Bonhams Auction House sold off a series of items belonging to Hollywood icon Natalie Wood, for example, her Golden Globe for the “Most Promising Newcomer” awarded at the 1957 ceremony sold for $17,500. That’s notable in part because it was the actress’ first major award. Even a blank slate is relatively valuable, albeit to a lesser extent. The auction house Julien’s sold a blank trophy for a little more than $5,000 back in 2013.

30           10-20m  $10-20 million – The cost of putting on the Golden Globes. Official figures are not published. This is an estimate based on the Oscars

Bonus    100         100 days Length of the 2008 Writer’s Strike that interrupted the Globes telecast (the only time the show hasn’t been broadcast since 1958)

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