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Noddy Gets into Trouble Book 8 BLOG 1st September 2019

She has sold more books than any other children’s author, enchanting millions of young readers with tales of adventure, ginger beer and buns.

But Enid Blyton was denied the honour of a commemorative coin after Royal Mint bosses branded the creator of the Famous Five and Secret Seven novels a ‘racist homophobe’, newly-released documents reveal.

The snub has infuriated fans of the Noddy author who insist her books – which have sold 600 million copies to date and still sell hundreds of thousands a year – have inspired generations of children to read.

The idea of a commemorative 50p coin for Blyton was discussed at a meeting of the Royal Mint’s advisory committee in December 2016.

Blyton’s Noddy, about a little wooden boy from Toyland, first appeared in the Sunday Graphic on 5 June 1949, and in November that year Noddy Goes to Toyland, the first of at least two dozen books in the series, was published.

The Noddy books became one of her most successful and best-known series, and were hugely popular in the 1950s.

I was born in April 1949 and loved Noddy books. They taught me to love and value books, full stop.

I received one of Enid Blyton’s books, Shadow The Sheepdog as a Sunday School Prize when I was 8 years old and that book inspired me to write my first book at 8 years old. I have spent a lifetime writing ever since.

I was given all the Noddy books and still have them. I am not racist (have never been so), I am not sexist (no chance having a wife and two daughters and I am not homophobic.

The Noddy books no more influenced me on these things or that all policemen were fat like Mr Plod than Grimm’s Fairy Stories made me believe witches would come to the door giving me poisoned apples or that wolves would constantly try to blow my house down.

They were stories as was Noddy and Big Ears and all their friends. This was not real life. I understood that better at 3 years old than the Royal Mint’s advisory committee did in adulthood after a full university education.

As Brian Conley used to say “It’s a puppet” to emphasise that no human was being hurt.

I think we should stop using cash in protest. That will show them.

It just proves Royal Mint bosses just have no experience of life or literature.

Publication Order of Noddy  Books

1              Noddy Goes To Toyland                   -1949

2              Hurrah for Little Noddy                     -1950

3              Noddy and His Car                             -1951

4              Here Comes Noddy Again!                -1951

5              Well Done Noddy!                              -1952

6              Noddy Goes to School                        -1952

7              Noddy at the Seaside                          -1953

8              Noddy Gets into Trouble                   -1954

9              Noddy and the Magic Rubber           -1954

10           You Funny Little Noddy                    -1955

11           Noddy Meets Father Christmas        -1955

12           Noddy and Tessie Bear                      -1956

13           Be Brave, Little Noddy!                     -1956

14           Noddy and the Bumpy-Dog              -1957

15           Do Look Out, Noddy                          -1957

16           You’re a Good Friend, Noddy           -1958

17           Noddy Has an Adventure                  -1958

18           Noddy Goes to Sea                             -1959

19           Noddy and the Bunkey                      -1959

20           Cheer Up, Little Noddy!                    -1960

21           Noddy Goes to the Fair                      -1960

22           Mr. Plod and Little Noddy                -1961

23           Noddy and the Tootles                       -1962

24           Noddy and the Aeroplane                  -1963

Five on a Treasure Island                                  -1942

Five Go Adventuring Again                              -1943

Five Run Away Together                                   -1944

Five Go to Smuggler’s Top                                -1945

Five Go Off in a Caravan                                  -1946

Five on Kirrin Island Again                               -1947

Five Go Off to Camp                                         -1948

Five Get Into Trouble                                         -1949

Five Fall Into Adventure                                    -1950

Five on a Hike Together                                     -1951

Five Have a Wonderful Time                            -1952

Five Go Down to the Sea                                   -1953

Five Go to Mystery Moor                                  -1954

Five Have Plenty of Fun                                    -1955

Five on a Secret Trail                                          -1956

Five Go to Billycock Hill                                   -1957

Five Get Into a Fix                                              -1958

Five on Finniston Farm                                      -1959

Five Go to Demon’s Rocks                                -1960

Five Have a Mystery to Solve                           -1962

Five Are Together Again                                   -1962

The Secret Seven                                                 -1949

Secret Seven Adventure                                     -1950

Well Done, Secret Seven                                   -1951

Secret Seven on the Trail                                   -1952

Go Ahead Secret Seven                                      -1953

Good Work Secret Seven                                   -1954

Secret Seven Win Through                                -1955

Three Cheers Secret Seven                                -1956

Secret Seven Mystery                                         -1957


Puzzle of the Secret Seven                                -1958

Secret Seven Fireworks                                      -1959

Good Old Secret Seven                                      -1960

Shock for the Secret Seven                                -1961

Look Out Secret Seven                                      -1962

Fun for the Secret Seven                                    -1963


The Enchanted Wood                                         -1939

The Magic Faraway Tree                                   -1943

The Folk of the Faraway Tree                           -1946

Up the Faraway Tree                                          -1951


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