10 THINGS I DID NOT KNOW LAST WEEK 26th September 2017

1              People are not allowed to die in the Houses of Parliament because dying there entitle them to a state funeral. The law was voted as the most absurd law of Britain in a survey conducted in 2008. (MSN)

2              Wearing flip-flops in Capri, Italy, is illegal because of the noise the shoes create. (MSN)

3              Every planet but Earth is named for a mythological god or goddess (MSN)

4              While everyone says that lightning doesn’t strike twice in the same spot, it does strike more than once a day on Earth. In fact, it strikes about 8.6 million times a day, so watch out. (MSN)

5              In Melbourne, Australia, dressing like women in public if you are a man is banned. An old law prohibits men from wearing women’s strapless gowns in public. (MSN)

6              Printing out the entire internet – not including the dark web – would require about eight million trees – (Metro)

7              Children confined to the middle seat on car journeys grow up to be more successful. (Telegraph)

8              You’re more likely to have a “female” brain if your right thumb is at the top when you clasp your hands together (Independent)

9              China has more vineyards than France. (BBC)

10           Value of online sales in the UK last year was £133bn, 16% higher than 2015, according to industry body, IMRG. The UK e-commerce market is Europe’s most advanced, with the web accounting for more than an eighth of all retail spending. The Economist

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