Official Top 40 best-selling vinyl albums of 2021 so far

Vinyl sales continue to climb in the UK, and the best-selling of 2021 so far is Lana Del Rey’s Chemtrails Over The Country Club, can reveal.

Released in March, the record has sold 20,000 copies on wax to top the UK’s Official year-to-date vinyl albums chart. 16,700 of those were bought in its first week, earning Lana the title of having the fastest-selling vinyl album of the century for a female act.

Vinyl revenues are even expected to overtake those of CDs in 2021, according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI)’s chief executive in response to a new report.

The UK’s second best-seller on vinyl is Wolf Alice’s Blue Weekend – a Number 1 in June – with 18.2k sales, while British rock duo Royal Blood complete the Top 3 with their chart-topping third album Typhoons on 15.8k.

While the majority of the top selling vinyl albums of 2021 were released this year, a handful of classics continue to prove hugely popular. Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 record Rumours ranks fourth in the year-to-date chart, while Queen’s Greatest Hits (11), Amy Winehouse’s Back To Black (12), Nirvana’s Nevermind (19), and Oasis’ What’s The Story Morning Glory (30) all place within the Top 40.


Official Top 40 best-selling vinyl albums of 2021 so far

                TITLE                                                                                      ARTIST

1              CHEMTRAILS OVER THE COUNTRY CLUB                 LANA DEL REY

2              BLUE WEEKEND                                                                 WOLF ALICE

3              TYPHOONS                                                                         ROYAL BLOOD

4              RUMOURS                                                                          FLEETWOOD MAC

5              MEDICINE AT MIDNIGHT                                              FOO FIGHTERS

6              FAT POP                                                                               PAUL WELLER

7              BACK THE WAY WE CAME – VOL 1                              NOEL GALLAGHER’S HIGH FLYING

8              CALIFORNIAN SOIL                                                          LONDON GRAMMAR

9              FINE LINE                                                                             HARRY STYLES

10           EVERMORE                                                                         TAYLOR SWIFT

11           GREATEST HITS                                                                  QUEEN

12           BACK TO BLACK                                                                 AMY WINEHOUSE

13           COLLAPSED IN SUNBEAMS                                           ARLO PARKS

14           W.L.                                                                                       SNUTS

15           NOT YOUR MUSE                                                             CELESTE

16           ISLES                                                                                      BICEP

17           LOVELESS                                                                            MY BLOODY VALENTINE

18           INTRUDER                                                                           GARY NUMAN

19           NEVERMIND                                                                      NIRVANA

20           LIFE’S A BEACH                                                                  EASY LIFE

21           WHEN YOU SEE YOURSELF                                           KINGS OF LEON

22           LIFE BY MISADVENTURE                                                 RAG’N’BONE MAN

23           THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON                                   PINK FLOYD

24           BRIGHT GREEN FIELD                                                      SQUID

25           NEW LONG LEG                                                                 DRY CLEANING

26           AS THE LOVE CONTINUES                                             MOGWAI

27           TYRON                                                                                  SLOWTHAI

28           SPARE RIBS                                                                         SLEAFORD MODS

29           FOR THE FIRST TIME                                                        BLACK COUNTRY NEW ROAD

30           WHAT’S THE STORY MORNING GLORY                    OASIS

31           COLLECTIONS FROM THE WHITEOUT                       BEN HOWARD

32           DADDY’S HOME                                                                ST VINCENT

33           POST HUMAN – SURVIVAL HORROR                         BRING ME THE HORIZON

34           THE STONE ROSES                                                            STONE ROSES

35           LEGEND                                                                                BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS

36           HARRY STYLES                                                                    HARRY STYLES

37           ABBEY ROAD                                                                      BEATLES

38           FOLKLORE                                                                           TAYLOR SWIFT

39           FUTURE NOSTALGIA                                                       DUA LIPA

40           AM                                                                                         ARCTIC MONKEYS


By Rob Copsey

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