Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas at Chatsworth 20.11.2017

Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas at Chatsworth

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 20th November 2017

We had a Chatsworth House Christmas yesterday. We loved every minute of it. They must be making millions, although, they do deserve to and a lot of it is reinvested making the Chatsworth quality experience even better for us all.

Ok, it is a little early to start celebrating Christmas but our grandchildren have been watching Christmas films since half term. You also need to start early to fit all the attractions in these days. Gone are the days when you go into Nottingham on the Saturday before Christmas, look at the Christmas tree, all lit up on the Market Square and visit Santa at the Co-op.

The Chatsworth Christmas Experience includes the Christmas market which runs from Friday 17 November to Tuesday 5 December. And in the House “Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas”, Christmas display. The Christmas Market is free, but £5 car park. You have to pay around £20+ if you want to go into the House and see the displays (well worth it! Money well spent).

See their website for full details:https://www.chatsworth.org/events/christmas-dickens/?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=DC%20-%20Dynamic%20Search&utm_term=%2Fevents%2F&utm_content=Events

The weather was a double edged weapon being a fantastically, beautiful, sunny autumn Sunday. With a backdrop of golden brown trees and hundreds of deer roaming the grounds it was idyllic. The downside was everyone and his dog, and there were an awful lot of dogs flocked to the event, especially the Christmas Market. So the space between the hundreds of stalls was packed. I bet if it had rained there would have been hardly anyone attending.

To get the most from it you just needed to soak up the atmosphere and wander around. There was nothing different there to any other Christmas market and nothing you would have missed out on product wise if you had not visited. But there was a wonderful unique atmospheric experienced that you could not experience any where else other than at Chatsworth.

The most popular stall was the Hog Roast which long queues all day and no wonder, the delicious hog roast baps were worth the queue.

The House Christmas experience was amazing. The whole exhibition was like stepping into a piece of live creative art masterpiece. There was literature, books, live drama, wonderful sets and scenes, actors and sculptures all mixed in with paintings. This is how the Chatsworth website describes Christmas at Chatsworth:

“Oh Dickens! It’s Christmas at Chatsworth

“Join us this festive season as we celebrate some of Charles Dickens’ best loved works. Discover the splendour and squalor of Dickensian London, with Victorian shop fronts, the London Docks, Scrooge’s bed and much, much more all dressed for Christmas. Fagin, Bill Sikes and Miss Havisham will help bring the theme to life delighting all ages.

“Plus you’ll have the opportunity to try on dozens of character costumes. Don’t forget to share your photos with us – #ChristmasatChatsworth!

Made from old books

“I will honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.” Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol”

Each room gives its own surprises making you express an uncontrollable “Wow!” from book sculptures, to upside down Christmas trees, Fagin’s attic and culminating with the amazing climax of Miss Havisham’s over lavish wedding breakfast table. We were fortunate enough to catch Miss Havisham giving a short speech too.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is more Christmas than Christmas. I love the story in whatever media it is reproduced but this is a brand new dimension which works so well and is a credit to the Chatsworth House people and ultimately the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire.

Certainly one not to be missed.

Footnote: The Duke of Devonshire, who currently lives in the 297-room Chatsworth House, is estimated to be worth around £880m and No.150  on Sunday Times Rich List 2017.


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