Pirate Gran and the Monsters by Geraldine Durrant

Pirate Gran and the Monsters by Geraldine Durrant (Author), Rose Forshall (Author)

Paperback:           32 pages

Age Range:           3-6+ years

Publisher:              National Maritime Museum (1 Mar. 2013)


Pirate Gran Goes For Gold

Pirate Gran



Geraldine is a feature writer and journalist whose work has been syndicated to newspapers and magazines worldwide.

She was commissioned to write Pirate Gran by the National Maritime Museum after a shorter version of her story won a BBC competition to promote literacy and encourage parents to read with their children.

With three sons and four grandchildren of her own, Geraldine has always believed story-telling and word games play a crucial part in encouraging children to fluency in reading.

“Reading is a life-skill and encouraging their children to enjoy books is one of the most crucial lessons a parent can teach – and one which will give them lifelong pleasure.

“Storytelling – particularly at bedtime – is also a great way to give children a sense of security and being loved.”

Geraldine’s second book in the series, Pirate Gran goes for Gold (also illustrated by artist Rose Forshall) was published in hardback in October 2010.

And their naughty-but-nice heroine returned in a new adventure, Pirate Gran and the Monsters, in October 2012.

Twinbane: An Appalling True History (published August 2010) is Geraldine’s first novel.

An hilarious tale of villainy and magic aimed at eight to 14-year-olds, its clever word play and quirky humour will also appeal to older fans of Terry Pratchet and Lemony Snicket.

The Pirate Gran series has been adapted for the stage by the award-winning Scamp Theatre Company, whose previous productions have included shows based on the work of Children’s Laureates Julia Donaldson and Michael Morpurgo.

Pirate Gran on Stage, which is an Arts Council-sponsored project, is currently touring the UK, ahead of its run at the South Bank Udderbelly Festival, and a month-long stay in Edinburgh for Festival month.

Two Bad Grans, Geraldine’s latest book illustrated by Sarah Horne, is published by Piccadilly Press, and tells the story of the two naughtiest old ladies in the world.

When their grandchildren arrive they realise things must change, because “when you’re a Granny you have to be GOOD, and start to behave like all good Grannies should…”

“They always say you should write about what you know, so I suppose the fact that I have written a lot about naughty old women must say something about me.” Geraldine laughed.