REG by Suzanna s Wilson

REG by Suzanna s Wilson  (Author), Alex Crump  (Illustrator)


Publisher :             Neilson

Paperback :           36 pages

ISBN-10 : 1838137017

ISBN-13 : 978-1838137014

Age Range:          3-6 Years


The enchanting tale about a cockerel that was rejected by his flock for looking drab and having no crow. He befriends a mouse that cares for him whilst he grows into a magnificent cockeral. Now looking stunning and having the most amazing voice the flock now decide they what him back. What does Reg decide? Well written and beautifully illustrated, this enchanting book will capture the attention of the younger mind, whilst also reminding them of an important quality, to be kind always.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Suzanna s Wilson

I have lived in Hereford all my life. I love the country lifestyle. When my children were growing up we used to have many walks around the fields and woods near to my house. We would spot wildlife, and then look up the animals in a book of what we had seen that day.

This has defiantly been an inspiration for my writing and even then i was jotting phrases down and ideas for books.

All of my books will have that one special message, whether it’s about the environment, endangered animals, or even just to remind them to be kind and thoughtful towards others.

My first published book “The Fox and the Bee” was written with trying to teach the younger generation how important bee’s are to our countryside and our eco system. I tried to write it in such a way that they would remember the book and the conversation between the Fox and the Bee. I feel it is important that we get this message across to the youngsters so they can grow up being aware that we need to pull together to save the bees.

My second published book, REG. My flock of chickens, which i keep in my garden would not accept the cockerel, Reg, i studied the chickens for a long time, and the hens were really horrible to him so much so i had to take him away. I thought it was quite bizarre that when Reg matured they accepted him and he is still with them to this day. The book “REG” is a little different, it is reminding children to be kind always no matter what people look like or how they act.

There’s an Elephant in my shed is my third book. A story about a little girl Millie who had lost her cuddly elephant.

I am currently working on book four. So watch this space!



I have always enjoyed painting and drawing and I am passionate about illustration, telling a story through pictures and drawing an audience in to a tale. During my previous career as a teacher, I often used my art in teaching to illustrate stories and poems with my classes.