Sam’s Super Stinky Socks! by Paul Bright

Sam’s Super Stinky Socks! by Paul Bright (Author), Ed Eaves (Illustrator)

Paperback:           32 pages

Age Range:           3 years and up

Publisher:              Simon & Schuster Children’s UK

Sam’s Dad gives him some wise advice when he sets off to see the world – pretend to have a cold to avoid a snake, glue a crocodile’s jaws with bubble gum and always, ALWAYS wash your socks. Will Sam listen, though?

A fantastically colourful book from the illustrator of the bestselling How to Grow a Dinosaur and Supermarket Zoo.

The author of the book says:

I originally trained as an engineer – which is rather unusual for a children’s author – and spent many years working for companies making and using plastics, in England, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and, more recently, Spain. I used to make notes for stories when I was sitting in meetings, or travelling on trains and planes. The first things I had published were poems – you might come across some of them in poetry collections for children. Here’s one of my favourites:

Don’t Put Out the Light!

Don’t put out the light!

For a crocodile might

Wander by in the night

And be tempted, despite

Knowing it’s impolite,

To partake of a bite.

Yes, you’re probably right

That the danger is slight,

But don’t put out the light!


Check under the bed!

For some beasts, I have read,

When they haven’t been fed,

Get it into their head

To try hunting instead.

And though it’s been said

That they may prefer bread

Thick with chocolate spread,

Please check under the bed!


Don’t put out the light!

No, I’m not in a fright,

I’m not getting uptight,

I am quite, quite all right.

But I half thought you might,

To be mean, out of spite,

So, just for tonight,

As you wish me goodnight

Please don’t put out the light!!!


My first picture book, Under the Bed, was published in 2003. The second book, Quiet! was shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Award (and I got a Blue Peter badge!). I now have about 18 picture books published. It is great getting to work with some wonderful illustrators. My latest picture book, ‘The Hole Story’ is about two holes who have nowhere to live after their Swiss cheese is eaten by mice, and has marvellous illustrations by Bruce Ingman. You can find more details of my books and poems, together with my blog, on my website .


Happy Reading!


Paul Bright


About the Author

Paul Bright was born in Hertfordshire and studied Engineering and Materials Science. An expert in Plastics, he used to work for a large chemical company, and spent time living in Switzerland, Holland and Spain. He is currently living in England and focusing on his writing. Paul’s first stories were written for his own children when they were young, a pastime which he continued even once they had left home. In addition to his children’s stories, Paul’s poems have been published in various collections and he has written stories for BBC Radio and BBC websites.