Silly Limbic: A Tail of bravery by Naomi Harvey

Silly Limbic: A Tail of bravery by Naomi Harvey  (Author)


Paperback:           38 pages

Age Range            4-10 years old

Publisher:              Naomi Harvey


Beautiful, funny and heartwarming tale of a boy and his invisible but ever-present best friend, Limbic the dog.


“Oscar has a special friend, different from you and me. He’s a super black dog, whom only Oscar can see!”


A lovely tale about a boy and his invisible guard dog who tries to keep him safe- but doesn’t always do a good job


“When Limbic feels frightened, Oscar does too, so he misses out on amazing things, the other kids do”.


In this story, the funfair comes to town Oscar desperately wants to go, but Limbic has other ideas.


Told in catching rhyming text that reads aloud superbly, this book can be the perfect bedtime read or a tool to help inspire little minds to take charge of their feelings.


The characters are based on the science of the brain and provide the perfect springboard to leap into conversations about small children’s worries and help them tame their very own inner guard dogs.