Sir David Attenborough & Grandson Rory Both Passionate About Blue Planet 2 (24.10.17)

Sir David Attenborough & Grandson Rory Both Passionate About Blue Planet 2

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 24th October 2017


In our family we are so excited that Blue Planet II is about to be aired. No one in the world will be more excited about Planet Earth II as my 5 year old grandson Rory, except possibly Sir David Attenborough himself, but it will be a close run thing.

Sir David Attenborough has spoken of his frustration and upset about the state of our oceans ahead of ‘Blue Planet II’ coming to our screens.


The new seven-part series, the follow-up to 2001’s ‘Blue Planet’, uses new technology to get closer to the underwater action than ever before.


The series has been four years in the making and involved 125 expeditions in 39 countries.


But Sir David has revealed that filming some scenes was a “tragic sight”, in a day and age when the oceans have never been so under threat.


“We are showing how the seas are changing and what an impact that’s having on the rest of the inhabitant of the sea and ourselves,” he told The Telegraph.


He says the most upsetting scenes are the evidence of bleaching of coral reefs.


“Seventy per cent of coral reefs have been affected worldwide to some degree, and a bleached coral reef is a very tragic sight,” he says.


The 91-year-old broadcaster also speaks of his frustration that more isn’t being done to deal with the eight million tonnes of plastic being dumped into the sea each year.


“Plastic is not a universal disaster rather the way we dispose of it,” he says. “We should increase research to counterbalance the benefits we have acquired from inventing it.”


Last month, the BBC offered a first, breathtaking look at ‘Blue Planet II’.


Sir David narrates the five-minute film, which is made even more spine-tingling by the soundtrack, which comes courtesy of Hans Zimmer and Radiohead.


‘Blue Planet II’ begins on 29 October at 8pm on BBC 1


That Sir David Attenborough is still making landmark nature documentaries at the age of 91 is already a staggering achievement, but the broadcaster has revealed he fully intends on working past his 100th birthday, which would mean reaching a milestone of 75 years in television.


Sir David said (via The Sun): “I see no reason whatsoever why I can’t live past 100.


“Earth has enough wonders to make more than three Planet Earth series.”


The naturalist recently said that he is “coming to terms” with the fact that he is “running into problems” with his memory, but still shudders at the word retirement.


“You never tire of the natural world,” he told us. “Putting your feet up is all very well, but it’s very boring, isn’t it?”


Beyond the ocean-based Planet Earth II, Sir David also has films prepared on ants, extinct sea-dragons and elephants.


Sir David is an excellent example of how having a passion in life helps with longevity and keeps your brain alert. He is amazing for his age and still as passionate if not more so about his subject than ever.


At the other end of life’s broad spectrum at 5 years old I see that same passion about the same subject in Rory, my grandson. He cannot get enough of the earth (and sea) creatures and cannot contain his excitement when he comes into contact with them, no matter the format. He watches films like Blue Planet over and over again. He has such an extensive knowledge on the subject, too, for a 5 year old.


It would be great if he could nurture his passion in the same way Sir David has done and get as much from it in his lifetime as Sir David has. But I think that is asking a lot. He will need so many opportunities, so much luck, in fact an ocean filled and mountain of luck along with a bucket load of stamina.


The problem is there are so, so, many distractions in life today.


But the good thing is he has a passion and he gets so much from it. If he goes through life like that he won’t go far wrong and it will be a great life.





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Happiness is…getting excited about and watching Blue Planet 2



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