Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll (Author)

Sky Chasers by Emma Carroll (Author)

Paperback:           336 pages

Age Range:           8+ Years

Publisher:              Chicken House

A encounter with a boy dangling from the sky changes pickpocket Magpie’s life forever. Like her, the boy dreams of flying over the rooftops of Paris. His family, the Montgolfiers, are desperate to be first to discover the secret of flight. Together with Pierre, Magpie is soon caught up in a world of inflatable bloomers, spies and a trio of unruly animals in a race to be the first to fly a hot air balloon – in front of the King and Queen of France.

‘Frost Hollow Hall’ was Emma’s debut novel for Faber and won the North East Book Award. Her second novel, ‘The Girl Who Walked On Air’ is set in a Victorian circus and was nominated for the Carnegie Medal 2015.

‘Letters From The Lighthouse’, chosen as Waterstones Book of the Month for May 2017, is Emma’s sixth novel. It won the Book Are My Bag award for Best Middle Grade book 2017. It has also been nominated for the Carnegie Medal, and is a Sunday Times Best Book of 2017.

In another life she wishes she’d written ‘Rebecca’ by Daphne Du Maurier. Emma lives in the Somerset hills with her husband and two terriers.