Yesterday’s Picture of the Day is the front cover of the Daily Mail.

The reason I have chosen it is because of the secondary headline and photograph: “Clooney: The twins make me cry with tiredness four times a day”.


This is a joyous headline, one of the best I have ever read. It just goes to prove whoever you are and however much money you have, money and position and celebrity status and power still cannot get you through that sleep depravity of having a young child.


We have a grandson that habitually wakes and starts his day at 5.30am. Sometimes, because he can, he will awake at 4.30am.


I get the blame for his actions. Why, may I ask? Because I’m the early bird that catches the worm. I’m always up early. Even though I’m retired I still get up at 5.30am. In my youth I used to open up a newsagent’s shop at 5.30am, before going on to my day job and I loved it, every early morning minute of it. The best time of the day and my life.


But I do wilt later in the day and the George Clooney syndrome catches up with both me and Mamma.


Our eldest daughter used to be terrible to get to sleep at night. She is forty years old, now and I still feel tired from trying to get her off to sleep when she was a child. She is an avid reader, always has been. She used to wake in the night and rather than feeds, demand reads. Desperate as I was for sleep and knowing I had to be alert and awake for a demanding job next morning I would try skipping a few pages. But our daughter would know the book off by heart and say, “No, Daddy, you missed a bit.”

Her son, Rory has just had his first week of full days at school, for which he was so ready. But his tiredness has been slowly building, and last night, Thursday, at 6.45pm he said he was tired and ready for bed.


Both our daughters are school teachers, so I have no worries with them crying through lack of sleep like George Clooney, in teacher training they are taught how to survive without sleep, aren’t they? Surely, it is part of the job.