Spider-Man Movie blocked from BAFTA nominations

Spider-Man Movie blocked from BAFTA nominations

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Spider-Man: No way to get a BAFTA as Marvel film blocked from nominations

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been blocked from getting any BAFTA nominations after producers refused to allow the film to be placed on a streaming site used by judges.

Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Pic: Sony/Marvel Studios© Other Zendaya and Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Pic: Sony/Marvel Studios

Safety alert: There are no spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home in this article.

Despite the impact of COVID, the film has swung its way into the top 10 highest grossing films of all time after fans flocked to cinemas to see Tom Holland’s latest outing as the Marvel hero.

No Way Home had the third-biggest opening weekend of any film ever when it hit cinemas globally last month, with only Avengers films Infinity War and Endgame beating it – both of which also star Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

The film was also liked by critics, but it may struggle when it comes to award season, with BAFTA blocking it from being nominated for any trophies.

The awards are influential in the industry, often acting as a pre-cursor to the Oscars just two weeks later in predicting the winning films.

BAFTA has told its thousands of voting members that the film has failed to meet the eligibility criteria – namely that it has to be uploaded to the academy’s private streaming site before the first round of voting closes.

Sony’s refusal to allow the film to be uploaded to BAFTA’s platform was reportedly due to piracy issues.

BAFTA told Sky News in a statement: “Spider-Man: No Way Home did not meet the eligibility criteria for the EE British Academy Film Awards 2022 and therefore did not qualify for entry.

“As outlined in our rulebook, all films must be made available to voting members on BAFTA View prior to Round One voting closing to ensure fairness and parity for all titles and the film was not made available by the distributor.”

Sky News has approached Sony, the film’s production company, for comment.

Could Tom Holland host the Oscars?

However, there could be some better news for the film’s prospects when it comes to events across the Atlantic, with Holland apparently lined-up to host the Oscars this year.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, as part of a drive to get Spider-Man into the big categories.

Holland, who recently told Sky News he was considering giving up acting, would be the first host of Hollywood’s flagship awards ceremony in three years, with producers deciding to end the experiment of removing sole presenters from the show.

The 25-year-old south-west Londoner has said in the past he would be up for hosting the event at some point, previously telling The Hollywood Reporter: “Of course I would host the f****** Oscars!

“So yeah, if they ask me to, I would, and it would be very fun. I would really enjoy it.”

Only one superhero film has ever been nominated in the best picture category at the Oscars (Marvel’s 2018 film Black Panther), but the success of No Way Home could force the judges’ hands.

Spider-Man: No Way Home is out now in cinemas.



The Top 10: Words People Hadn’t Heard Of in January 2020

  1. Coronavirus. Some people had heard of it – one of several kinds of virus that cause the common cold, and a variant of which caused Sars (severe acute respiratory syndrome in 2002-03) – but now more people have.


  1. Wuhan. City more populous than London.


  1. Fomites. Medical word for surfaces, which turned out not to be important in transmitting this virus.


  1. Superspreader.


  1. Coladangelo. There is always one. This week it is Matt Chorley. We had not heard of non-executive directors at government departments, let alone of Gina Coladangelo at Matt Hancock’s. Sometimes there are two: the other was Carlo Giannone, who nominated “Raducanu”.


  1. Zoom. Old word, new proprietary meaning: the hoover of the pandemic.


  1. Furlough. Perfectly good word, familiar to me because it was what my father, a Church of Scotland minister, called his six-month leave in the UK from India, but new to most people.


  1. Ping, pingdemic. To be pinged was an existing verb referring to a text or an email but took on quite a different meaning with Track and Trace.


  1. Omicron. Previously obscure letter of the Greek alphabet: small “O” (“O”-micron). I copied the prime minister’s pronunciation, “Ommy-kron”, because I assumed he would know, but according to the Oxford dictionary it was “oh-MY-kron” in British English.


  1. Aquamation. Eco-friendly form of cremation in water, chosen by Desmond Tutu.


I allowed ping on the list, because it produced the neologism pingdemic, but other familiar words also acquired new meanings, such as lockdown, restrictions, tier and bubble. And I was strict about single words, so no “Article 16”, “dark kitchen”, “herd immunity” or any of the other popular nominations.

John Rentoul – The Independent.


REMEMBER: The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

– Nicolas Chamfort



Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.


Happiness is… if Spider-Man: No Way Home is nominated for an Oscar.


I can still enjoy sex at 74 – I live at 75, so it’s no distance.


Love is… when he/she calls to say “I love you”.


A time to learn about Omicron…A time to learn about Wuhan City.



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