THAT WAS THE NEWS THAT WAS 9th – 14th September

THAT WAS THE NEWS THAT WAS 9th – 14th September BLOG Thursday 12th September 2019

I find it interesting to reflect on historic news. Yes,THAT WAS THE NEWS THAT WAS during this week, 9th – 14th September, in history

Here with the help of Mirrorpix is a reflection of some top stories that hit the media.


9 September 2015: The Queen becomes the longest-reigning British monarch

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning British monarch, surpassing the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. Later, in 2017, she became the first British monarch to celebrate a Sapphire Jubilee, notching up an impressive 65 years on the throne.


9 September 1965: The Rolling Stones’ single (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction goes to number one

It’s the Rolling Stones most famous hit: (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction went to number one where it stayed for two weeks. Referring to sexual frustration and commercialism, the song was initially only played on pirate radio stations as it was considered too rude. It was the band’s first number one in the US.


10 September 1846: American inventor Elias Howe is granted a patent for the sewing machine

For five years Elias Howe spent all his spare time developing a practical sewing machine, before finally being granted a patent for it in 1846. The sewing machine helped revolutionize garment manufacture in the factory and in the home.


10 September 1963: American Express comes to Britain

American Express, one of the world’s largest banking houses, first opened a credit card service in Britain. Holders of the card could use it at hotels, restaurants, shops and hire-car agencies both in this country and abroad. It was a new kind of financial freedom for those lucky enough to own one.


11 September 1989: Diana takes Prince Harry for his first day at school

She must surely have been the most glamorous mum at the school gates when the Princess of Wales took Prince Harry to his first day of school at Wetherby pre-preparatory in Notting Hill. Luckily for Harry, his older brother William was already there to hold his hand.


11 September 2001: Day of terror rocks the US

America – and the world at large – was in a state of shock after a day of attacks which left thousands dead and New York’s World Trade Center destroyed.The Pentagon was also damaged by one of the three civilian airliners which hijackers turned into flying bombs. A fourth plane crashed in a field near Pittsburgh.


12 September 1953: American Senator John F. Kennedy weds Jacqueline Bouvier

He was a handsome 36 year old American Senator and she was a 24 year old well-educated beauty. The marriage of John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvie in Newport, Rhode Island, was to create one of the most famous unions in history. But it was to end in tragedy ultimately…


12 September 2003: Johnny Cash dies

One of the great legends of country music, Johnny Cash sold more than 90 million records worldwide. His most famous songs included ‘I Walk the Line’ and ‘Ring of Fire’. He died after a short illness four months after his beloved wife June.


12 September 1963: The Beatles song ‘She Loves You’ goes to number one

The Beatles recorded She Loves You in a five-hour session in the summer of 1963 and it became the song that launched the band into proper superstardom – Beatlemania was born.


14 September 1983: Amy Winehouse born in Southgate, north London

Amy Jade Winehouse was born in the suburb of Southgate in London, 36 years ago. Her father, Mitch Winehouse, worked as a cab driver, while mother, Janis, was employed as a pharmacist. The hugely talented yet troubled star died from alcohol poisoning aged just 27.


14 September 1982: Princess Grace of Monaco dies in Monte Carlo

She was the Hollywood star who retired from acting when she became a princess. And the whole world was left in shock when the princess was declared dead following injuries she sustained in a car crash near Monte Carlo the day before.


14 September 1998: The Royle Family sitcom makes its debut on British TV

Written and starring Caroline Aherne (far right) and Craig Cash, and also starring Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston, the Royle Family was a smash hit which ran for three series plus Christmas specials. First shown on BBC2, it followed the everyday life of the average working-class Royles in Manchester.




It always seems impossible till it’s done. – Nelson Mandella


Happiness is…feet up in front of the telly watching the Royle Family – sheer bliss forgetting your troubles and having a laugh, a good laugh.


As I handed my Dad his 50th birthday card, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said…”You know, one would have been enough.”


Love is…counting calories together


(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction – Rolling Stones

Highest Chart Position: No.1 9th September 1965


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