The Cat and the King by Nick Sharratt (Author, Illustrator)

The Cat and the King by Nick Sharratt  (Author, Illustrator)

Paperback:           144 pages

Age Range:           5+ & 7+ Readers

Publisher:              Alison Green Books


Nick Sharratt’s fabulously funny debut novel is now available in paperback. THE CAT AND THE KING tells the story of a gentle, unworldly King and his very clever cat, and is illustrated throughout in two colours with Nick’s irresistible wit and humour. The cat and the King must find a new home after their castle burns down in an Unfortunate Incident with a dragon. They choose Number 37 Castle Close, and the cat introduces the King to all sorts of new experiences, from washing-up to shopping. Then danger looms when the pesky, fire-breathing dragon makes its return.