He (or could be a she) came upon the midnight clear. Well he was a bit later. Drones and train strikes contributed I guess.

In reality at approximately 9.23am on this Christmas morning a REAL Christmas miracle occurred.

There was a small rattle on our letterbox. Mamma went to investigate. What could it be?

There out of nowhere was a beautiful little bear, (or could it be a doggy, as we venture towards our 70s we really ought to focus on getting to know what different animals are called) but it had a magic rainbow tied around its neck.

Mamma looked out of the door and all she could see was a cloud of dust as Grandaughter Freya’s Fairy Godmother Emma and Prince Charming drove off into the sunset.

Editor’s Note: Not quite accurate more poetic licence for two reasons there was no sun and if there had been it would not have been setting because it was 9.30am in the morning.

But that one Little Bear Dog was one of the best Christmas Present Mamma and Grandad had ever received at 9.23am on a Christmas morn. In fact it gave Mamma the biggest Christmas surprise since Grandad surprised her under the mistletoe, Christmas Eve 1981.

Little Bear Dog has opened up a whole new chapter of adventures in the Life of Mamma and Grandad. He has some very exciting times ahead of him.