The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess by Tom Fletcher & Dougie Poynter

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess by Tom Fletcher  (Author), Dougie Poynter (Author), Garry Parsons (Illustrator, Designer)


Paperback:           32 pages

Age Range:           3 – 5 years

Publisher:              Red Fox Picture Books


Once upon a poop . . .

Our fearless heroes are back!

Danny and Dinosaur are convinced that a damsel in distress needs their help… the only problem is, they aren’t sure where she actually is.

So they set off through Fairy Tale Land to track her down, but things don’t go exactly to plan…

Can Dinosaur make it through Fairy Tale Land without eating everything in sight?

And do all princesses really need to be rescued?

Packed with prehistoric cheekiness, punchy girl power and, of course, lots and lots of poop!

From the totally gross imaginations of bestselling authors Tom Fletcher and Dougie Poynter (and with disgustingly glorious artwork from Garry Parsons) the Dinosaur That Pooped series are full of laugh out loud rhymes and more poop than you can cope with!

The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess sold 4,165 copies last week making it No.1 in the Children’s Pre-School Book Chart & No.49 in the Official UK Top 50  Bestselling Books

About the Author

Tom Fletcher loves Christmas, Dougie Poynter loves reptiles, and they have a shared obsession with poop! After writing songs together for years in the band McFly, they started to write picture books in the same way that they write their song lyrics – and The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas was born. Over a million copies later, their latest pooptastic adventure is The Dinosaur that Pooped a Princess – publishing in September 2018.