The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Go to the Moon

The Fantastic Flatulent Fart Brothers Go to the Moon!: Volume 2 by M.D. Whalen  (Author)


A Spaced Out Comedy SciFi Adventure that Truly Stinks

(Humorous action book for preteen kids)


Paperback:           180 pages

Age range:             9-12 years

Publisher:              Top Floor Books;


Can these two gas-tronauts save the universe’s bum?

Willy and Peter need to get as far as possible from their sister’s daft kindergarten pageant. But they never expected to blast their bums into space!


There they make a disgusting discovery that could wipe out the Moon in one gross stink bomb.


Do they have enough gas in their guts to repel flatulent green aliens from Uranus? Can farts alone rocket them back to earth? And how did their sister’s hamster get into the space capsule and chew up all the wires?


It’s the second exciting volume in the bum-blasting new adventure series for kids. With hilarious pictures and action-packed text, even the most reluctant readers will laugh their underpants off! Ages 9-12. Sniff chapter 1 in the preview.


I think anything to get children reading has to be good. Boys can take some persuading to read but this subject can open up a brand new magical world for them.



M.D. Whalen was always the kid who sat in the back of the class scribbling stories and cartoons. Later he sat in front of the class scribbling stories, when he should have been teaching! Now he writes full time in the back of his house, where no one can hear him fart. He also enjoys cycling, world travel, and making rude noises in different languages.


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