The Orangutan Who Sang by Jay Vincent Book of Week

The Orangutan Who Sang by Jay Vincent

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The Orangutan Who Sang (Muddled Monkey Tales) by Jay Vincent (Author), Stew Wright (Illustrator)

Paperback:            32 pages

Age Range:           3-8 years

Publisher:              Mini Meze Publishing



First let’s take a look at what the book is all about. Here is the publisher’s blurb…

Olly is a shy but funky Orangutan, who has an incredible voice and loves to sing but can’t control his nerves enough to get any words out.

After falling from his perch in his favourite tree, Olly is so embarrassed, he leaves his friends and seeks sanctuary in the jungle. But will Olly discover something on his adventure that means he’s finally able to overcome his fears and do what he was born to do… sing?

It’s so hard for parents to speak to the tiny people in their life about a specific topic which may be troubling them… so this is the first book in a series designed for children (3-8) to have fun whilst subconsciously also addressing something that may be on their mind. These stories and illustrations are not only beautifully written but have a subtle moral message that will make hearts sing.

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And our review…

The Orangutan Who Sang is a beautiful book to behold. The easy bouncy rhymical words are enhanced by funny and very detailed pictures on everyone of its 32 pages.

The words work well telling a wonderful emotional tale and at the same time subtly, and gently without lecturing get across to children (and maybe some adults) a few lessons in life.

The characters we come across in the book are tremendous and all come alive due to good story telling and vivid paintings. Just imagine a Gorilla Headmaster. Or maybe you know one already. And of course, the rhyming words makes it all so much fun,

At the end of the book is a page entitled “Explore the Jungle!” The page is headed “Can you answer the Gorilla Headmaster’s questions?” Of course, you can.

There follows, 12 questions about the book and the story which helps the reader get even more from the story. It assists you to look deeper into the story. It helps the reader think more deeply and understand even more about certain scenes.

The books are good challenging self-reading books for self-readers too.

More books are planned in the series about various animals which very cleverly and subtly cover subjects which may be troubling children.

But The Orangutan Who Sang is a book every child and adult will love whether they it is just for fun or to learn its underlying message as well



“Life is too short to be wasted in finding answers. Enjoy the questions!” – Paulo Coelho


Happiness is…a singing orangutan


You are such a good friend that, if we were on a sinking ship together and there was only one life jacket, I’d miss you so much and talk about you fondly to everybody who asked.


Love is… a kiss for a kiss


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