Today is Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day. An hysterical, sorry historical occasion. So as a responsible Blogger I must Blog about what I consider to be the best bits about it.

Windsor is one of my favourite places and I would love to be there for the atmosphere. You should witness at least one live Royal Wedding in your lifetime. I suspect there will not be another Royal Wedding at this level in my lifetime. So that’s one thing I’ll never achieve.

One of the great things about it is that due to the Royal Wedding, the FA Cup and the sunshine it is said the UK economy will be boosted by £1billion. You can’t beat it.

The best thing about a good Royal Wedding is the media circus surrounding it .

I love the fact that one photograph from the billions of images taken will be the iconic picture that sums up the event. And I so enjoy the newspapers, magazines and documentaries after the event.

TV coverage starts at 9.00am and goes on until 2.00pm and then coverage of the FA Cup starts until 7.40pm


As you are reading the & Blog I will tell you FREE OF CHARGE and without commitment how to get back one day of your life. Watch the wedding & FA Cup – 10 hours 40 minutes of boring life wasted. Watch the wedding best bits on the news – 3 minutes most and the goals on FA Cup goals on MOTD 1 minute. 4 minutes total, 5 minutes worst case scenario.

But to me just two things have captured my imagination about the wedding, big time, to date.

1.The wedding cake & 2. The TV comedy spoof – The Windsors Royal Wedding Special.

Firstly the Royal Wedding Cake sounds my sort of cake, although finer details will not be released until later today. Apparently it is a lemon, elderflower wedding cake.

The royal bakers have revealed they are abandoning the tradition of a tiered wedding cake – and “teased” of a surprise unveiling on the day.

Claire Ptak, who is making the culinary centrepiece, said the layered lemon and elderflower cake will be in three parts of varying sizes.

The final design will be unveiled today, the wedding day, with the couple in on the plans, but it will be unveiled in a non-traditional way, she said.

The chef, who owns Violet Bakery in east London, has been working with her team of six bakers full time for five days in the large kitchens of Buckingham Palace.

“You’ll have to wait and see on the day. It’s an installation of the way that we’re putting it out. It’s the last thing that we’ll reveal. It’s a non-traditional layout,” Ms Ptak said.

“It’s a slight shift from tradition.”

She revealed how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle loved trying a number of different cake samples before settling on lemon and elderflower for their big day.

She said: “They loved it. They tried quite a collection. What they said to me is that they really loved the idea of the seasonality and the freshness.”

To me: I, personally, really enjoy lemons and elderflowers, together or separate in cakes or drinks.

Create your own Lemon & Elderflower Royal Wedding Cake

Secondly the spoof documentary “The Windsors Royal Wedding Special” (Screened Tuesday 15th May on Channel 4)”. I found so funny. It is well worth giving it a go if you enjoy comedy and have a sense of humour.

The programme is well scripted and equally well acted with excellent over the top caricatures of Royal Family members.

The only problem is, as in the days of Spitting Image puppets, I find that Harry Enfield’s spoof Prince Charles is now my fixed image of what Prince Charles is really like. And no one will ever change that impression!

Also don’t forget to buy the Royal Wedding Edition of the Radio Times. Not only is it informative and miraculously predicts what will be on TV and radio during the Royal Wedding week (like a magical media crystal ball) but it is also a good investment. When Harry and Meghan celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary in 2068 (and I still will not be the oldest living person on earth at 119 years old) you will probably find your investment in the cover price £2.80 has doubled.

Finally, out of everything I wish I owned a retail unit in Windsor this weekend. A nice little newsagents. I’d have loads a-money.


Have a great Royal Wedding Day.

Windsor Newsagent Note: JR – Jeannie Robinson Good business planning – put it in the wife’s name


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