The very first episode of Monty Python airs 5 October 1969

5 October 1969: The very first episode of Monty Python airs

The very first episode of the surreal sketch show Monty Python’s Flying Circus was broadcast by the BBC on this day in 1969. The shows – a combination of innuendo-laden humour, sight gags and observational sketches – were such a success the Pythons carried on making them until 1974.


No. of series                          4

No. of episodes                    45


Original release                     5 October 1969 – 5 December 1974


FIRST EPISODE                 Episode 1; aired 5 October 1969; recorded 7 September 1969

LAST EPISODE                   Episode 45; aired 5 December 1974; recorded 16 November 1974


Running time approx. 25–30 minutes per episode

Original network  BBC1 (1969–1973)

BBC2 (1974)

Genre     Sketch comedy – Surreal comedy – Satire – Black comedy

Created by:

Graham Chapman

John Cleese

Eric Idle

Terry Jones

Michael Palin

Terry Gilliam

Written by Monty Python, Neil Innes, Douglas Adams,

Directed by

Ian MacNaughton, John Howard Davies


Graham Chapman

John Cleese

Eric Idle

Terry Jones

Michael Palin

Terry Gilliam

Carol Cleveland

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