1              CHRISTMAS EVE HAS TO BE THE MOST MAGICAL DAY OF THE YEAR (even more so  to a little girl I know). So make sure you get the most from it.

2              Hang up your stocking

3              Receive a message from Father Christmas Santa’s joined the YouTube generation and now sends video messages (for free) to kids and toddlers on his nice list. Just log on to Portable North Pole: and create a personalised video for your little ones.

4              Go out bwith all the family  for Christmas Eve breakfast or brunch – Bacon, sausage, egg, beans or bacon bap

5              Leave mince pies and a glass of milk or whiskey for Santa

6              Watch The Snowman and Snowdog on TV or DVD

7              Watch Raymond Briggs Father Christmas

8              Read a Christmas bedtime story

9              Leave carrots and water for Rudolf

10           Build a snowman if there is snow

11           Watch A Christmas Carol – any version

12           Eat mince pies

13           Go for a Christmas walk after dark to see all the local houses lit up

14           Play Christmas music

15           Have a Christmas Eve box with Christmas DVD, an activity book, some sweets, a good Christmas book, felt tip pens.

16           This year for the first time watch “We’re Going On A Bear Hunt On Channel 4  at 4.30pm

17           Follow Santa’s journey around the world with Google Maps Just check on your Google Search icon

18           Create Santa’s footprints Sprinkle a little flour or talc on the floor around the tree and use a boot or shoe to make footprints beside the fireplace.

19           Look through the window for Santa and listen up for him

20           Most of all find the magic