Toilet Roll hung right or wrong 18.10.2017

Toilet Roll hung right or wrong 18.10.2017

R U JOKING, GRANDAD BLOG 18th October 2017

They’re common household arguments that most of us have had, or will have at some point – and now a new poll claims to finally have the answers.

A poll, conducted by a home interiors firm Hillary’s, asked more than 2,000 people who live with their long-term partner about a range of hotly-debated topics.

They were also asked ‘Do you like to do/have things a certain way at home, but find that your partner thinks differently?’ with more than two thirds of people answering yes.

Of the things people admitted to disagreeing with their partner about, the most common was where things should be stored, how to store certain things and how quickly things should be done.

The people taking part in the survey were given a list of products and asked how or where they should be stored or used.

  1. Toilet roll, hanging to the front – 78% (agreed that this was correct)
  2. Ketchup, in the fridge – 77%
  3. Blinds, tilted upwards internally – 69%
  4. Pillows, partly under the duvet – 65%
  5. Potatoes, in the kitchen cupboard – 61%
  6. Mayonnaise, in the fridge – 60%
  7. Eggs, in the kitchen cupboard – 54%
  8. Door mat, outside the front door – 54%
  9. Bread, in a bread bin – 53%
  10. Toothbrush, on the sink – 51%

We want to know how people in the North-east feel about these divisive issues. Complete the form below and let us know.

According to the people that responded to the Hillary’s poll, 81% of said they didn’t know why they did things in a certain way, stating that it was something they picked up from their parents.

The remaining 19% said they had researched the topic and were doing it in the correct way.

61% of people admitted that if their partner did something the opposite way, they would switch it back.

The survey also revealed that the most common argument for couples was making the bed, with 21% of people saying they had bickered over this. The second most frequent cause of arguments was over doing the washing up.

(From Aberdeen Evening Express)

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