Unusual items famous figures were buried with

Leaving behind everything we know is one of the most frightening aspects of life, and for famous stars who made a huge impact in the world, they leave behind an entire mythology about them as well. Some stars over the years have taken their persona to the grave, choosing to be buried with the things that came to represent them most over their lives, while others had quite surprising additions to their coffins.

There are famous last words, and then there are famous last wishes of what people wanted to take with them on their journey to the afterlife. See who had the most unusual keepsakes buried with them.

  1. William S. Burroughs (1914-1997)

The famous Beat Generation novelist was reportedly buried with a loaded .38 caliber revolver, along with a sword cane, a ballpoint pen, a fedora, and a joint.

  1. Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957)

The actor’s cremated remains were accompanied by a small gold whistle with the inscription, “If you want anything, just whistle,” which he had given his widow, Lauren Bacall, years earlier. The line refers to the first film they did together, 1944’s  ‘To Have and Have Not.’

  1. Tony Curtis (1925-2010)

The actor had some of the strangest items packed into his coffin, including his Stetson hat, an iPhone, a pair of driving gloves, his grandson’s baby shoes, the ashes of his dog, and a copy of his favorite novel, ‘Anthony Adverse,’ a book that inspired his stage name.

  1. Bob Marley (1945-1981)

The reggae icon is reportedly buried with his red Gibson Les Paul guitar, a bible, and some marijuana.

  1. Roald Dahl (1916-1990)

The famous author of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ celebrated chocolate in both his art and his life, and even in death! He was buried with sweet treats as well as a bottle of Burgundy wine, snooker cues, pencils, and a power saw—for reasons unknown.

  1. Frank Sinatra (1915-1998)

Ol’ Blue Eyes was certainly buried his way, with a bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, a pack of Camel cigarettes, a Zippo lighter, and a dollar’s worth of dimes—in case he needed to use a pay phone.

  1. Miles Davis (1926-1991)

The legendary jazz trumpeter is said to have been buried with one or more of his beloved horns.

  1. Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

Reports say a bottle of Estee Lauder perfume went into the grave with the famed pop artist as Warhol himself had written in ‘The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again,’ that he loved wearing perfume so much that at parties he would sneak away to the bathroom to try on the host’s scents.

  1. Wild Bill Hickok (1837-1876)

The legendary Wild West gunslinger and lawman was buried characteristically with his rifle.

  1. Leonard Bernstein (1918 to 1990)

The famous conductor and composer was buried with a piece of amber, a lucky penny, a baton, a copy of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and a pocket score of Gustav Mahler’s Fifth Symphony—the latter of which some say was placed over his heart.

  1. Harry Houdini (1874-1926)

The famous magician and escape artist was buried with his head resting on a pillow of letters from his beloved mother, whose prior passing had deeply affected him. Houdini’s coffin was the same solid bronze model that he had used underwater in one of his acts.

  1. George Burns (1896-1996)

The entertainer, whose talents spanned vaudeville, radio, television, and film, was known for having a cigar with him, so it’s fitting he was buried with three in his pocket.

  1. John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

The 35th US President was a collector of scrimshaw (pieces of whale bone engraved with pictures and designs), and he was buried with one engraved with the presidential seal that his wife Jackie Kennedy had given him. He was also buried with letters from his wife and children, and a pair of gold cufflinks.

  1. George H. W. Bush (1924-2018)

During his time as US President, Bush was known for his fondness of quirky, patterned socks. After he passed away, his spokesperson announced that he would be buried in an extra special pair of socks that pay tribute to his lifetime of service, beginning as an 18-year-old naval aviator during war.

  1. Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)

Elizabeth Taylor was famously married eight times during her life, and two of those marriages were to Richard Burton. After their second divorce, Burton still kept a place in his heart for Taylor, and wrote her one last love letter three days before he passed in 1984. She kept it by her bedside for 27 years, and then she was buried with it.

  1. Elvis Presley (1935-1977)

Elvis wore some of his highly prized possessions when he was buried at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis (he was later reburied in Graceland after an attempted grave-robbing incident). In a 900-lb (408 kg) coffin lined with copper, he wore a white suit, a metal bracelet, and his signature “TCB” (Taking Care of Business) ring, which was his mantra as well as the name of his band.

  1. Alexander McQueen (1969-2010)

The British fashion designer killed himself three years after the woman credited with discovering him, magazine fashion director Isabella Blow, passed away. After her death, he requested a lock of her hair, had it encased in a ring, and at his funeral he was buried with that ring.

  1. Ernie Kovacs (1919-1962)

The comedian and television pioneer, who some say died in a car crash as he was trying to light a cigar, was then reportedly buried with one put in his hand, placed there by his widow, Edie Adams.

  1. Bela Lugosi (1882-1956)

The most famous interpreter of Dracula, both on Broadway and on-screen, spent most of his career in coffins, and in death he was reportedly buried with Dracula’s signature black cape.

  1. David Brenner (1936-2014)

After the comedian passed away, obituaries reported that he’d requested to be buried with US$100 in small bills, “just in case tipping is recommended where I’m going.”

  1. Harland Sanders (1890-1980)

The Colonel best known for founding the restaurant chain Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) was buried in his trademark double-breasted white suit.

  1. Ronnie Van Zant (1948-1977)

The Lynyrd Skynyrd front man died in a 1977 plane crash, and was later said to be buried with a black hat and his fishing pole.

  1. Stan Musial (1920-2013)

The St. Louis Cardinals slugger and Baseball Hall of Famer was not buried with a bat, but instead with a harmonica, tucked in his jacket pocket.

  1. Tiny Tim (1932-1996)

The ukulele-playing singer, best known for his 1968 rendition of ‘Tip-Toe Thru’ The Tulips With Me,’ was reportedly buried with his beloved instrument and tulips.

  1. Sandra West (1939-1977)

The Beverly Hills socialite and wife of Texas oil tycoon Ike West requested to be buried in her favorite 1964 Ferrari—”with the seat slanted comfortably”—at the Alamo Masonic Cemetery. The car, and her lingerie-clad body inside, were positioned in a concrete box and covered with cement to prevent grave-robbing.

  1. Arch West (1914-2011)

Archibald Clark “Arch” West was an American marketing executive who is credited with the development of Doritos. When he died, his family reportedly sprinkled Doritos on his grave prior to the first scoop of dirt.

Source- Stars Imsider.


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