The Sentimental Collector’s Items That Would Best Be Placed In A Car Boot Sale.

Many people will find a passion or hobby in collectibles. Those amusing, satisfying, and nostalgic items that makeup baseball card collections, model train sets, and vinyl record collections. While many collectors will successfully put together highly valuable treasure troves, some dedicated hoarders are simply sitting on a small mountain of relatively valueless junk. While it may break someone’s heart to learn that their life’s hobby only has worth to them, sometimes a much-needed car boot sale will free a person of their unbeneficial obsessions. It is time to discover whether your collectibles are worthy of an auction, or a charity shop.


  1. Model Train Sets

We start our list off with one of the most widely enjoyed hobbies: model train sets. There are so many different clubs, websites, and organizations filled with many dedicated model train set builders, painters, and general experts. Sadly, while many model trains will be acquired for a large sum of money, their resale value often pales in comparison. There are some people that believe that their prized model train set will sell as much as the Howard Gondola product, which went for $1,175 recently on eBay. In reality, there are so many model train sets being bought both first and second-hand that most are not worthy of a high price. There are countless historical model train sets that will fetch about £100 on a good day.


  1. Porcelain Dolls

Whether you find them creepy or cute, porcelain dolls are another kind of collectible that people cannot seem to get enough of. Many people will happily reserve a fine room in their home for the sole storage and presentation of dozens or hundreds of porcelain dolls. While many will collect porcelain dolls for the nostalgia of it all, others believe that they are amassing a profitable hoard. The truth of the average porcelain doll’s individual worth is that most people will not fork out much more than $10 for one, even if it is a vintage piece.


  1. Royal Family Memorabilia

The Royal British family has countless supporters across the world, well beyond the United Kingdom. Some of these fans take their support to incredible heights, decorating their homes with all manner of mementos from historical events such as royal births, weddings, and jubilees. While this kind of patriotism is well-meaning, it does not necessarily mean that the thousands of pounds (or dollars) that one spent on Queen Elizabeth II-themed fine china will be of much interested to collectors and auctioneers. These items are nowhere near as unique as one may think.


  1. Vintage Band T-Shirts

Classic rock ‘n roll shirts have been a craze among youngsters for some time now, much to the ire of sincere superfans, who made a point of honouring their favorite bands by acquiring vintage clothing honouring classic bands like The Eagles and Queen. As for the latter British pop-rock band, a 1978 tour shirt can be bought off eBay for a humble $9.49. Even when classic rock band shirts are decades old, and commemorate incredible concerts, they often do not pique much interest from buyers.


  1. Antique Silverware

Your great-great grandmother’s precious silverware collection, that generations have kept in fabulous, sparkly condition across many decades, could easily only be treasured by the families that it passes through. Silver is objectively a valuable metal, but given how many people are also trying to sell their silverware on sites like eBay, the demand for the sets has been drowned out by the immense supply. An antique store might be the safer and more profitable alternative, but don’t keep your hopes up.


  1. Pandora Charms

Pandora Charms became a craze among young and old women alike during the middle of the 2000s, when Pandora cleverly released an intricate and diverse set of charms that could be strung together into colorful and meaningful bracelets and necklaces. Many people spent thousands of dollars creating their personalized sets. Sadly, these charms are a dime a dozen nowadays, and there is just a select bunch of charms that are considered rare after they were discontinued.


  1. Beanie Babies

Beanie Babies should be avoided at all costs if you want to make a pretty penny out of a collection. These should only ever be purchased for sentimental or nostalgic means, turning your bedroom into a crazy mess of colourful cuties. That being said, in 1995, people commenced hoarding Beanie Babies when rumors of their potential resale values caused something of a buying spree among collectors. Their investments were well-founded, with eBay seeing plenty of profitable sales in the plush toy department, but this was a short-lived mania.



  1. New Comic Books

While there are plenty of vintage and sealed comic books out there that will go for a lot of money for superhero fanatics looking to complete their favourite characters’ stories, the newer editions in the many storylines will not be a wise investment. New comic books will rapidly depreciate in value as soon as you walk out of the comic book shop with them in hand. If you want to make a small fortune out of comic books, consider something like the Detective Comics, where Batman made his initial appearance, which sold for an unprecedented $2.8 million.


  1. Stamps

Back in the 20th century, people would avidly and carefully collect stamps as an investment for the future. Many decades ago, stamps could not be mass-produced like they are today, and the more notable ones commemorating incredible events in history were deemed worthy. Now that people can easily acquire stamps at a low cost, which are sourced from factories, not many people hold the same value in the sticky squares any longer. Too bad for the older folks among us who dedicated much of their overall free time to the hobby.


  1. Newer Star Wars Toys

The epic Star Wars film franchise enjoys one of the most lucrative toy franchises in the world, with its 1970s lines being incredibly valued. Something like an original Luke Skywalker action figure will be highly desirable among the most dedicated space opera aficionados. In today’s day and age, the toy market has been oversaturated by figurines based on characters like The Mandalorian’s lovable ‘Baby Yoda’. Even Star Wars toys from the 1990s and 2000s are not that esteemed.


  1. The Majority of Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are wrongly considered to be relics of the past by youngsters who are used to streaming services like Spotify. It was in 2017 that a “vinyl revival” came to be, when Sony Entertainment began reinjecting vinyl records into the music market. This process built on the successes of a similar revival which began in 2007. Sadly, even those in possession of historical vinyl records from some of the most legendary bands, musicians, and composers of the 20th century will not be able to get much profit out of their fastidious collecting efforts.


  1. Barbie Dolls

1959 was the year that the initial Barbie dolls began appearing in toy shops and supermarkets, and the rest is history. Barbie has kept its queenly place at the top of the girl-driven toy market. If your grandmother (or mother) was wise enough to purchase an original Barbie for you as a child, you could be in possession of $25,000’s worth of plastic, provided that the doll remained in its box and is in mint condition. The rest of the Barbie lines will not sell for much, with $10 to $20 being a hopeful resale for most of the feminine dolls that have remained sealed and in a perfect state.


  1. Vintage Playboy Magazines

While you might have had a hard time convincing people that you bought Playboy magazine for the writing, the controversial ‘gentlemen’s magazine’ has held a firm place in popular fiction and magazine enjoyment since 1953. Many notable celebrities appeared in the naughty magazine’s spreads, but only those that were in editions prior to 1970 will have a decent resale value. Playboy is not exactly an obscure magazine, being widely available across the world, even when it comes to the older issues.


  1. Film Cameras

There are many vintage collectors out there that will skip on the modern trends in digital and smartphone photography to acquire as many historical cameras as possible. Lincoln Square Pawnbrokers’ star employee, Daniel Kalter, had this revelation to share. He stated that many sellers will enter his shop with cameras that were manufactured in the 70s and 80s believing that they will walk out with bags of money. Sadly, buyers like Kalter as so well-stocked with peoples’ dusty old cameras that he struggles to resell them for much. What does go for a high price is the included ancient film.


  1. VHS And DVD Collections

Some people are under the impression that old DVDs and VHS tapes will be in high demand by the few people that still possess DVD players and even VHS tape players. As you can imagine, few people will want to take a dusty case of ancient films off your hands and watch them in a quality that is decades behind HD and Blu-Ray. The only people that will be willing to pay more than $5.00 for a few dozen VHS tapes are collectors that work in incredibly niche circles.


  1. Happy Meal Toys

Kids have been celebrating Happy Meals since McDonald’s was instated all the way back in the 1970s. These red boxes with the iconic Golden Arches handles contained a yummy meal, but the real draw was the toy. There are select Happy Meal editions that have sold for about $500, but given how often people bought Happy Meals throughout the years, they are not that hard to find. To maintain the worth of a Happy Meal box, one would need to have kept their toy in the box itself, and in top condition.


  1. Children’s Books

You probably are not old enough to be in possession of children’s books that are so rare that they have gone beyond the capabilities of modern publishing houses. Even if you would like to acquire some of your 20th-century classics for your kids to enjoy, you should still be able to find them in modern bookstores. The only time that a book will fetch a high sum of money will be if it is a notable title, and further, if it happens to be a member of its first edition.


  1. Cabbage Patch Kids

You might find it hard to believe that towards the end of the 1970s, parents were wrestling with one another to get their hands on the most desirable Cabbage Patch Kids dolls available. These dolls continued with their successful place during the 80s when they would sell for $30 apiece. You can bet that today, these comparatively unremarkable-looking dolls will not be very interesting to modern children, and nor will they have stayed in a shape acceptable for collectors to justify forking out huge amounts of cash.


  1. Hot Wheels

Mattel took the miniature model car market by storm towards the end of the 1960s when unveiled its initial Hot Wheels lines. These little die-cast speeders might have been in hot demand many decades ago, but given how many tons of the toy cars are manufactured to this day, their worth has been diluted significantly. That being said, there are several unique Hot Wheels models that will earn a seller a fair amount of money, but these are few and very far between.


  1. Autographed Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia that have been signed by legends of their respective history are objectively worth a lot of money. The problem comes in during the sourcing process, as collectors will need to spend a lot of time and money trying to get their hands on select pieces. Even when one manages to get something as hallowed as a Babe Ruth-signed baseball, they may struggle to pin down an interested buyer. This is thanks to the incredible amount of counterfeit sports relics floating around.



  1. Salt And Pepper Shakers

Like ornamental bells, salt and pepper shakers are other types of items that you might struggle to understand the worth of beyond seasoning your food. While there are plenty of ornamental salt and pepper shakers that are objectively valuable, few collectors care for them. These culinary items fall into the niche category, with only highly specialized buyers showing interest in them. If you had to browse through eBay for them, you would see that they do not go for much, with $40 being the average peak.


  1. Old Playbills

Theatre fans will often keep the playbills of the many incredible shows and productions that they attended as fond mementos. Your memorabilia from that time you sent to a Broadway show might only hold worth in your memory, sadly. The internet managed to devalue many former collector treasures, with playbills now being freely available on their respective productions’ websites. There was a Barbara Streisand production playbill from 1964, called “Funny Girl”, which apparently could be sold for more than $350. Today, such an item will go for a maximum of $10.


  1. Costume Jewellery

While costume jewellery might have once been a highly prized set of pieces that would make anyone stand out at a luxurious affair, the trends of modern times resulted in a huge boost in their production, turning them from rare and novel items to common sights on the red carpet and at dinner parties alike. This ready availability makes costume jewellery a dull investment, unless one manages to get their hands on a luxury designer piece, of course.



  1. Disney VHS Tapes

Coming back now to VHS tapes, some people are under the impression that their chest filled with fuzzy Disney VHS tapes will one day be acquired by Mickey Mouse maniacs for a huge amount. There is the “Black Diamond Collection” which many people believe is worth thousands of dollars, but a quick search on eBay for the famous set will prove otherwise. You can expect to gain $5 per sale of these now historical tapes.


  1. Pokémon Cards

Pokémon cards are mostly devalued these days due to their long-standing availability on the trading c           ard market. With dozens of editions across decades, there are only a few cards in the ocean of Pokémon cards floating around today, mostly within the first edition. This includes an original, mint condition, holographic Charizard, which will go for around $2,500 on eBay. Beyond the giant red dragon, there are only a few other cards that are worth anywhere near this much.


  1. Old Newspapers

In terms of first-hand historical sources, old newspapers provide incredible amounts of detail when one is trying to better understand something like the Second World War. Even before modern times, newspapers were mass-produced, meaning that they can still be easily acquired, even when they are decades old. Then there is the fact that old newspapers will often be reproduced in massive amounts, meaning that sifting through original issues and reprints is a laborious process. Only significant releases, in their first edition form, will hold much sway over collectors.


  1. iPods And Other MP3 Players

Experts in the vintage electronics market are still unsure whether iPods and the MP3 players of the early 2000s will be as valued as collectors believe they will be. iPods were manufactured and released across the world at a titanic level, and can still be easily found. It might not be until many years into the future that an iPod will be considered a desirable relic of the advent of modern music technology. You can hope to earn around $69 for an iPod Nano off an online auction site.


  1. Patchwork Quilts

Nothing says rustic comfort like a patchwork quilt. They take a long time to create, are generally made of high-quality materials, and the best ones require a trained and delicate hand to produce. Sadly, so much work, time, and cost will not hold an extraordinary value unless it was made during the 19th century, and somehow managed to be kept in impressive condition for more than a century. The common patchwork quilt will still sell for a fair penny, however.



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