TOP TWENTY romantic words that don’t exist in the English language.

TOP TWENTY romantic words that don’t exist in the English language. BLOG Thursday 17th June 2021




TOP TWENTY romantic words that don’t exist in the English language.

When it comes to describing the nuances of love, the English language sometimes falls short. If you ever find yourself struggling to find the right word to express your feelings, you could always borrow one of these 20 foreign terms that capture the highs and lows of romance.

  1. Cavoli riscaldati

The Italian phrase cavoli riscaldati literally means “reheated cabbage,” meaning “an attempt to revive an old romantic relationship,” according to Global Lingo.

  1. Kara sevda

The Turkish phrase kara sevda translates literally to “black love” and “alludes to how uncontrollable desire and unrequited love can render someone hopeless and broken,” according to

  1. Kilig

This Tagalog word was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2016, reports CNN Philippines.

Kilig can be used as a noun or adjective to describe the feeling of elation after a romantic or exciting experience.

  1. Cafuné

In Brazilian Portuguese, cafuné describes the act of running your fingers through someone’s hair.

  1. Flechazo

Flechazo is a Spanish word meaning literally “bowshot” or “arrow wound,” used figuratively to speak of love at first sight.

  1. Forelsket

In both Norwegian and Danish, forelsket refers to the euphoric feeling of falling in love.

  1. Koi no yokan

The Japanese phrase koi no yokan describes “the feeling upon first meeting someone that you will inevitably fall in love with them,” the BBC reports.

  1. Ittuaqtuinnaqtuq

Ittuaqtuinnaqtuq is an Inuktitut word that describes “the act of repeatedly looking outside to check if someone, anyone, is coming,” notes KC Ifeanyi at Fast Company.

  1. Ya’aburnee

This Arabic word, which translates to “you bury me,” alludes to the hope that the person you love will outlive you so that you are spared the pain of existing without them.

  1. Oodal

The Tamil word oodal means “the fake anger lovers display after a tiff,” according to this list of untranslatable words of love by Vashi and illustrator Emma Block.

  1. Odnoliub

Odnoliub is a Russian word that refers to “someone that only has one love in their life,” according to Vashi.

  1. Tiam

Tiam means “the twinkle in your eye when you first meet someone” in Farsi, writes KC Ifeanyi at Fast Company.

  1. Manabamáte

Manabamáte is a Rapa Nui term for the loss of appetite that comes with falling in love, according to Vashi.

  1. Yuanfen

The Chinese word yuanfen describes the “fate, chance, or binding force” that brings people or objects together, explains

  1. Dor

The Romanian word dor translates to “longing,” and describes a yearning for people or places of the past, or homesickness.

  1. Queesting

The Dutch word queesting means “to allow a lover access to one’s bed for chitchat,” according to Tim Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project.

  1. Mamihlapinatapei

Another entry in Tim Lomas’s Positive Lexicography Project, mamihlapinatapei means “a look between people that expresses unspoken but mutual desire” in Yagán (an indigenous language of Tierra del Fuego).

  1. Viraha

The Hindi word viraha describes “the realization of love through separation,” according to Vashi.

  1. La douleur exquise

Slightly different in meaning from “unrequited love,” the French phrase la douleur exquise “gets at the emotional heartache, specifically, of being the one whose love is unreciprocated,” explains Pamela Haag in Psychology Today.

  1. Saudade

The Portuguese word saudade can refer to the feeling of longing for a lost love, notes Pamela Haag in Psychology Today, but as NPR’s Jasmine Garsd explains, “the concept has many definitions, including a melancholy nostalgia for something that perhaps has not even happened.”



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