Waitrose Best Christmas TV ad 25th November 2017

Waitrose Best Christmas TV ad 25th November 2017


I have been holding back about writing too much about Christmas but I’m being forced into it. Thanksgiving (Ok I’m sorry I know it’s American and America is not in vogue at the moment)  and Black Friday has finally made me accept it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

And I have found my favourite Christmas TV ad.

My regular favourite is The Coca Cola Holidays a Coming Ad. Me and my daughter Anna always say “It’s Christmas first time we see that on TV. It never dates.

This year my favourite of the general ones is Waitrose it’s black and white and filmed in a pub near Richmond, Yorkshire.

Waitrose ad last year featuring robins was my favourite too.

My least favourite is the John Lewis Christmas advert.

The Waitrose Christmas advert features being snowed in at a pub.And the supermarket chain has focused on community spirit for its festive ad with the story of villagers who find themselves snowed in at the highest pub in Britain for Christmas lunch.

The grocer’s Christmas campaign is set at the remote 17th century Tan Hall Inn near Richmond in the Yorkshire Dales, where drinkers have been snowed in at 1,732 feet some 50 times since 2005.

Tan Hall Inn Nr Richmond in full colour

The ad shows a snowstorm hitting the area as locals gather for a drink on Christmas morning, forcing them to rally together to unexpectedly share lunch.

The 90-second piece, filmed in black and white, is once again created by adam&eveDDB, the same agency behind John Lewis’s Moz the Monster campaign, and “aims to reconnect people with the emotions of Christmas”.

The new Christmas advert which people are saying is the best yet (and no, it’s not John Lewis)

Waitrose customer director Martin George said: “Food plays an essential role in bringing people together. As our ad depicts, eating together is a way to share not just food but friendship and community spirit.”

Its soundtrack is Carol Of The Bells by composer Mykola Leontovych, with the track was rearranged by musician and composer Guy Farley.

There is also a children’s book linked to the ad. Author Anne Fine, who wrote Madame Doubtfire, the story that inspired the film Mrs Doubtfire, has written a children’s book to accompany the ad called Let It Snow, a tale about two animal families who become unlikely companions over a festive meal.

For every book sold in Waitrose, a donation of 50p will be made to The Trussell Trust charity, which runs a network of more than 400 foodbanks.

The supermarket’s 2016 campaign featuring an epic tale of a robin’s homecoming to a UK garden was widely considered to be the best of last year’s Christmas ads.

Waitrose Robins


They say you should think of what you want to do when you retire, and start doing it now. That way you’ll know that you’re doing something you love, and if you do that long enough you should be able to start charging for it. Going after the money is not a good method because you’ll typically end up doing work you don’t really enjoy just for a paycheck. If you’re stuck at a job you don’t like make sure that you’re doing what you love in your free time so you can eventually replace that income. Spoken from raw experience!


Happiness is…being snowed in the highest pub in England on Christmas Day


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