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Roughly twice a year my youngest daughter and myself have a bonding session and do a Car Boot Sale.


The time is a magical father and daughter time that no one else wants to get involve in.


You find people are very Marmite/Bovril about Car Boot Sales. They either love them or hate them. There are no inbetweenies The rest of our family hate them.


20 reasons we like them:


  1. They are hard work, very hard work but satisfying hard work
  2. Turns junk and unused items into cash – not a lot of cash but cash
  3. Means the garage, loft, wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, toy boxes, under beds, down the side of settees all get cleared out – (it has to be said the Car Boot earnings are probably doubled by the cash recovered from settees and easy chairs when doing this exercise)
  4. It is a Summer Season pastime as prestigious as Henley Regatta, The Proms, Wimbledon, or Glastonbury
  5. The amazing achievement feeling after every car boot that you can actually get a car in the garage. (One thing we learned from Car Boot Sales is that a garage can house a car. After a Car Boot Sale the car goes in to the garage and it looks sweet, like a car house. This could catch on as it then protects the car from rain, wind, frost, snow and even sunshine.)
  6. A Car Boot Sale is a great way to get a sun tan and breath in fresh air, oh and get wet if you get it wrong and it rains or you sell a water pistol and fill it with water to demonstrate that it works.
  7. Doing a Car Boot Sale is a good way to make it rain and end a drought.
  8. We love the adrenalin rush when we sell something, especially that one item you both say “Whoever is gonna buy that?” And someone always does.
  9. We love the fact that the Car Boot proves one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Why is that?
  10. We love the haggling.

Customer: “How much for this half used off colour green/turquoise lipstick?”

US: “Oh dear! That’s seen better days (That’s sales talk talking it up as that is making it sound better than it looks) 20p.”

Customer: “I’ll give you 10p”.

We are amazed (not really, it happens all the time customers haggling over such a small amount) at the haggling but stand firm: “No, 20p It cost £1.50 new.”

Customer: “Go on then.” Fishing in his dirty plastic bag full of change for 6 x 2p pieces and 8 x 1p pieces.

“I’ll tell you what,” we say, “we’ll throw in a carry bag. What a bargain!”

The customer shakes his head looking crestfallen at losing on the negotiation, puts his lipstick in his carrier bag and walks away.

  1. People watching. The best bit. Almost everyone at a Car Boot comes over as a brilliant different character type. I watch and absorb. I build up a character bank and a story for most people I see and serve. The people of the Car Boot are so inspirational. What’s their story – everyone will be wildly different? What inspired her to buy that? What will her love one say when she puts that lamp in pride of place or wears that dress. He can’t have room for yet another cuddly toy. And he’s probably bought that for his shed. His shed must be where he is surrounded by items he loves. The Car Boot is a writer’s Paradise.
  2. The conversations. Almost every customer passes the time of day. They have banter. They reveal a little of their character as they speak. Many are buying a friendly chat from you, working on the basis of a trouble shared. They are really buying cheap counselling. And they love to tell you that they are buying it to paint it up for their Great Auntie Franny who used to have one as a child
  3. Bacon Butties and Pork & Stuffing Cobs & Coffee. There is something crude and yet delicious about working hard and then mid-morning using some of your takings to buy a Bacon Butties or Pork & Stuffing Cobs & Coffee from the burger van. That is all part of the Car Boot experience. Would I ever do that any other time? No. Yet on Car Boot day it is pristine cuisine
  4. The other stalls. I search for that Rembrandt on sale for a £1 or that unnoticed 50p vinyl record that is worth £10k. As sure as everyone has a fairy godmother, it happens. There is such a variety. They underline the billions of tons of crap that has been created in the world and sold and now being sold again. I have said before I used to work in the Toy Industry. We spent millions/billions of pounds creating toys no one wanted and spent even more money persuading everyone, mainly through TV advertising, that they couldn’t manage without it. And here were all those items and more besides. And where will they ultimately end up? Polluting something somewhere.
  5. The final curtain we love, if it works as it did do this time and once before. We see 11.30am, as being close to the final curtain. A couple of guys came up to us and said “How much for all the clothing that you’ve got left?” That moment is wonderful and gives the feel good feeling.
  6. The excitement at the end when we count up every last 1p to see how much we’ve made. We have done Car Boots for many years. We never go for a certain number of items. It is just what we’ve amassed. But every time we manage to take around £70. It is bizarre, almost as if there is a cap? How does that happen, then? Do the Car Boot organisers make rules that customers jointly and severally are obliged not to spend any more than £70 per stall and how do they police it? The amazing thing is that means we have had about 200 customers.
  7. Father & Daughter bonding. We love, as a father & daughter that we can still work together and have fun doing it. As I am not into sport the Car Boot is a good substitute for tennis, badminton, swimming or football. And a good substitute for walking as my daughter is not into walking. And I am not into Girlie Shopping like she does with her mum


  1. The empty car. Our car is jam packed full when we set off for the Car Boot, at cock and sunrise. Even we struggle to find space to crawl in to it. At high noon on our return the car is usually empty. And we are weighed down with coins jingle jangling in our pockets. That is one hell of a good feeling, one of the best in the world.


  1. There have been so many funny stories and entertaining people we have met at the Car Boot over the years. My favourite was at one Car Boot we had a real leather pannier set for a motorcycle. It is made up of two cases joined together by a strip of leather. It fits over the back wheel of a motor cycle with a case each side. This means you can carry items in the cases. An aging rocker bought them. He said they were perfect for carrying guitars, neck up and sticking out. He said every Saturday night in summer him and his mates go out on their motorbikes. They get paralytic and set up camp next to a pub. They sit around the camp fire singing and playing guitars, then in true ‘Who’ fashion, smash the guitars. He toured Car Boots searching for cheap guitars to smash. He said the panniers would be perfection for carrying the guitars. I love that we have contributed so much to the creative arts.


These are the reasons we love Car Boots. Where do you stand? Are you missing out on one of life’s richest experiences?



One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. – Gerard Way


Happiness is…a Car Boot Sale


Good judgment comes from bad experience and a lot of that comes from bad judgment.


Love is… someone to have and to hold


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