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There is a Tamla Motown record that made No.3 on 14th November 1970 entitled War by Edwin Starr. Part of the lyrics go:

“War, I despise ’cause it means destruction of innocent lives

War, means tears to thousands of mothers how

When their sons go off to fight and lose their lives

I said, war, good god, now, what is it good for?

Absolutely, nothing

Say it again, war, what is it good for?

Absolutely, nothing, listen to me

War, it ain’t nothing but a heart breaker

War, friend only to the undertaker, war.”

Such true words that are meaningful on any day but particularly on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November 2018 exactly 100 years since the First World War ended.

We are so grateful you that we cannot describe it, for those who fought for our freedom and for those who gave their lives.

But perpetrators of war are evil. Can you imagine how marvellous an already wondrous world would be if not only had there never been wars but better still if there had never been those who had caused them.

Imagine, (sorry John Lennon) if all the lives ended prematurely by war had enjoyed their full term. Imagine (again, sorry John) if all the resources used on war and were destroyed by it had been put to positive use. What an even more amazing place it would be.

My own grandfather lied about his age to fight at the Battle of Passchendaele in Belgium. Fortunately he survived but with long term affects physically and mentally. He was poisoned by Mustard Gas but survived to tell me about it in the 1950s. He suffered terribly from the after affects all his life. He had a particularly horrendous cough and lung problem which doctors advised him to smoke cigarettes to ease.

He did not talk about his experiences much. When I persuaded him to talk about it due to a school project I was doing I commented how brave he was. He modestly  said he wasn’t brave as they had had so much alcohol when they went over the top they were not aware of what they were doing. These were teenage lads!

You feel both for those lost, and those who survived and all their families. I read a poignant piece in the newspaper which I think sums it up. This is a column by Jan Moir:

“Nothing captures war’s folly like a mother’s grief

The efforts by this country to mark 100 years since the end of World War I have been truly majestic.

From churches decorated with cascades of poppies to Danny Boyle’s Pages Of The Sea Armistice tribute this weekend, no effort has been spared to show that, yes, we do still remember and, yes, we still care.

In East London, 72,396 tiny, shrouded figures — representing the British and Commonwealth soldiers killed at the Somme who have no known grave — have been laid out in the Olympic Park.

Thousands of shrouded figures representing soldiers killed in the Battle of the Somme have now been laid out for an art installation at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London

Each of the 12 in plastic figures of the missing was covered and bound in a hand-stitched calico shroud by artist Rob Heard — haunting and heartbreaking.

On Tuesday evening, I went to the deeply moving Beyond The Deepening Shadow tribute at the Tower of London, where the moat is filled with thousands of individual flames to commemorate those who fell.

As the lamplighters move through the carpet of light, they look like soldier ghosts, still trying to march home.

Yet, after 100 years, with the scale of death still unimaginable, it is the effect on the individual and the force of one mother’s pain that pack a real emotional punch. On Twitter, military historian Dan Hill posted an image of the grave of Private A. L. James, an Australian soldier who was 23 when he was killed and is buried at Dernancourt.

This is the message his mother chose for his headstone: He Fell, The Rest Marched On To Victory. Ah God, My Little Son.

Simple words. But, for me, nothing sums up the folly of war more than this mother’s terrible grief.” – Jan Moir

War, what is it good for? Absolutely, nothing.

All leaders, particularly of the world, of countries and territories and religious leaders please, please, take note.


Keswick Church, Cumbria

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War – Edwin Starr

Highest Chart Position: No. 3 on 14th November 1970


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