What age officially qualifies as ‘old’

What age officially qualifies as ‘old’

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The age that officially qualifies as ‘old’ has been revealed

 You’re only as old as you feel. This old saying has never been truer, as our definition of ‘old age’ keeps rising.

A new study has revealed that old age now doesn’t start until we hit 76 – and today’s grandparents typically feel 12 years younger than their actual age.

The research from Treasure Trails, found modern-day pensioners don’t believe they’re actually old until well into their 70s. In fact, more than a third (38%) insist old age doesn’t begin until you’re over 80, and 46% insist they feel more able than their parents did at the same age.

Meanwhile, 40% maintain ’60 is the new 40’ and one in ten believe they’ve got more energy than their children. Many credit their spritely secret to spending time with their grandchildren.

More than one in five say playing with grandchildren helps keep them young and two thirds (64%) credit ‘solving puzzles’ with stopping their mind from deteriorating. 

Being physically fit also keeps them feeling full of life, with 28% of over-60s exercising three or more times each week.

This surge in energy means new-age grandparents think they can take on code-cracking, clue-solving careers. One in four feel they have what it takes to be a private investigator, and one in eight to be a spy.

Top 20 Signs that you’re old – according to Millennials

These are the top 20 things that millennials think make you old, as well as the percentage of respondents who agreed:

  1. Using cash – 28%
  2. Putting a hankie up your sleeve – 28%
  3. Getting bills through the post – 25%
  4. Having posh cutlery for special occasions – 24%
  5. Writing lists with pen and paper – 23%
  6. Smoking – 23%
  7. Describing a tune as ‘banging’ – 22%
  8. Ringing for a taxi instead of using an app – 22%
  9. Voting Leave – 20%
  10. Watching actual TV – 20%
  11. Still being on Facebook – 18%
  12. Reading books – 18%
  13. Going to church – 15%
  14. Talking on the phone – 15%
  15. Wearing skinny jeans – 14%
  16. Using a camera – 13%
  17. Dating in real life – 12%
  18. Not having pronouns in your Instagram bio – 11%
  19. Using a Satnav – 10%
  20. Eating Dairy – 9%

Poll by Love Energy Savings

In February half term, many families will be asking older relatives to help keep their kids entertained. With 33% of grandparents most enjoying physical outdoor and sports activities with their grandchildren, closely followed by 31%  enjoying code breaking and solving mysteries, it would seem a digital detox may be on the cards.

Dr David Abrutat, intelligence and military historian commented on the findings: ’Since spycraft began there has always been codes and ciphers to break, with data analysis that goes on behind the scenes.

‘It’s so great to see that grandparents are still solving puzzles – perhaps the British intelligence services could see some new recruits coming through in their 70s.’

Source: Natalie Morris – The Metro


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