When the Stars Come Out by Lucy Rose Cartwright

When the Stars Come Out by Lucy Rose Cartwright

Hardcover:           64 pages

Age Range:           7 – 11 years

Publisher:              360 Degrees

Explore the magic and mysteries of the night-time with this beautiful large-format gift book.

This picture book is full of finely detailed artwork that evocatively captures the beauty of our universe at night – from moonbows to shooting stars and the polar region to the northern lights. It shows children (and you!) how different habitats – including cities and the ocean – come alive when the sun sets.

A wondrous book, it also features illustrations of animals making their beds, sleeping, swimming and flying as you dive into the world of dreams and explore the history of human sleep and gaze at the constellations.

About the Author

Nicola was raised by the seaside in beautiful Brighton. She loves reading, dancing, rhyming and turquoise things. She now lives with her husband in East London and spends her days writing and editing children’s books.