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Why Do I Poo by Kirsty Holmes, Published by The Secret Book Company an imprint of BookLife Publishing is our second NON-FICTION BOOK OF THE WEEK.

Although this is George Aged 3 Years Blog review a few brief words from Grandad to begin.

If you are a regular reader of this Blog you will know I have four grandchildren, 1 girl, 3 boys, age range 3½ to almost 7 years. They all have so many books, but I can’t remember as much excitement and fun and laughter and interest in a book as Why Do I Poo by Kirsty Holmes Published by The Secret Book Company an imprint of BookLife Publishing.

The book has excellent graphics we talked about a lot. The older children could easily read the book. They loved doing the puzzles and they loved finding what type of poo there’s was.

Poo is such a very basic thing that affects every single person, but we do tend to tuck it under the carpet. Very messy.

An excellent book that just goes on entertaining and informing. But let’s see what the real poo expert thinks, George Aged 3½ thinks


Hi, George here. Welcome to my world. Won’t you come on in.

I get to Blog two times this week. First Grandad says to Blog about a new favourite book I have and then later in the week I will post my regular Blog. Aren’t I the popular one?

The book I’m going to tell you about is just the best book I have ever had. And I have a lot. It is entitled “Why Do I Poo?” by Kirsty Holmes Published by The Secret Book Company an imprint of BookLife Publishing.

Just before I tell you about the book isn’t that an exciting name for a publisher and conjures up loads of fun and big expectations from a book if published by THE SECRET BOOK COMPANY.

Back to the book Why Do I poo? I didn’t know why, but I do now. I’ve looked at this book and had it read to me time and time again including every night’s bedtime story since Grandad gave it to me.

The book and all its pages are the colour of poo. They are brown and the book has a picture of a happy, smiley faced, smelly poo on the front. I have hundreds, no thousands, possible zillions of books, well a lot anyway but only one other one that has a poo on the front cover. (The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business).

Over the last year I have been potty trained. This has meant a life focused on wees and poos. So, this book is what my life is all about. Pooing and weeing.

I look at the pictures in the book all the time. Every night Mum or Dad, whoever is duty reader, lets me choose at least two books for night-time reads and I always, always, always choose “Why Do I Poo?”. Sister Freya always wants it too, so she has to come into my room to hear it.

The book is brilliant when I have to do my grandparent minding of Mamma and Grandad in the week. They are high maintenance and it takes a lot to keep them entertained but they love this book. If I go through it with them it keeps them quiet for hours.

It is a very hands-on, interactive book. (I can’t believe I said that ‘hands on’. Err, you don’t put your hands-on POO. But you know what I mean. The book raises a lot to talk about and do.

It’s funny how reading this book makes you want a poo. The book must come with a magic spell that makes you want to poo.

There are 24 pages. That takes just as long to read as the time it takes to have a poo. The person writing the book obviously timed it that way.

On Page 4 the heading is “Do you Need The Loo?” And funnily enough I always do. It then goes on to give a little rhyme that lets us know birds, animals and every person do it, poo that is.

The rhyme begins ‘birds do it’. We know that they do because Daddy cleaned Mummy & Daddy’s car and we went to the seaside and a seagull pooed a massive poo on it. He went bananas. Seagull poo is white like paint not brown and like Playdoh like ours.

Grandad says once he was at the seaside and a seagull was sitting on a lamppost and pooed and the poo hit Grandad’s glasses and slid down his cheek. I would have loved to have seen that. Grandad has a photograph of everything, but he doesn’t of that. He says selfies where not invented then. What an excuse.

Even the Queen poos. She can’t pass that job on; she has to do it herself, Grandad says. The one and only thing. It doesn’t say about the Queen in the book. The book sparked that conversation between me and Grandad because the book encourages you to talk about poo.

There is a super coloured picture that takes up two pages. It is entitled ‘Journey of a Poo – How does a pizza become a poo?’ I eat lots of pizza that Dad makes. The pizza has a very long journey before it becomes a poo. There are 6 steps to turn pizza into poo. What a journey. Fantastic.

Every page in the book is pooey and brilliant but I have my favourites. The journey of the poo of course. Then two pages show different poos and you have to pick out (choose) yours. Sister Freya’s is different to mine. Next there is a quiz. A rat, a fish, an owl and an elephant and you have to find their poon from pictures of poos. I get it right every time.

I nearly forgot the book has a page about wees too.

There’s one thing missing in the book. As part of my potty training I was given a Haribo sweet if I went for a wee, and 2 for a poo. That tradition continues even though I’m a potty trained weer and pooer but sadly Haribos aren’t mentioned in the book.

But thank you Kirsty Holmes, The Secret Book Company and BookLife for Why Do I Poo? A book that has gone straight to No.1 in my list of All Time Favourite Books and I take it everywhere I go and always will.

Bye George


Why do I poo? by Kirsty Holmes (Author)

Hardcover:            24 pages

Age Range:          3-7 Years

Publisher:              Booklife Publishing (& The Secret Book Company)

PUBLISHER@S WEBSITE: https://booklifepublishing.co.uk/



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