The Wildest Cowboy by Garth Jennings 21.11.2017

The Wildest Cowboy by Garth Jennings (Author),‎ Sara Ogilvie (Illustrator)

Hardcover:           32 pages

Age Range:           3 – 7 years

Publisher:              Macmillan Children’s Books


Way out in the West there’s a town they call Fear

And only the roughest and toughest live here . . .


When cheerful salesman, Bingo B Brown, rolls his wagon full of Wild West goodies into town, he’s met with a stony silence. This is clearly no place for novelty bow ties and elastic lassos. Not even Bingo’s dancing dog can raise a smile! But this town is not just joyless, it’s dangerous. And as Bingo soon discovers, the people of the town are not just scary, they’re also scared.


It isn’t long before Bingo and his dog discover why, as they come face to face with the Wildest Cowboy in the West!


Saddle up for a spectacular ride with a wildly talented pairing: film director and author, Garth Jennings and star illustrator, Sara Ogilvie. The Wildest Cowboy is a funny and uplifting adventure story in which fun wins out over fear. Featuring a dramatic train chase, rattlesnake socks and a dancing dog.