1. Christmas Track:                                                 Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid
    Humphrey's Christmas - Sally Hunter
    Humphrey’s Christmas – Sally Hunter

    25 Christmas Bear byby Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler
    25 Christmas Bear byby Ian Whybrow and Axel Scheffler
  2. Christmas Carol:                                                 Joy To The World
  3. Christmas Film:                                                   The Nativity Story
  4. Something to Prepare:                                        Open Presents/ Eat Christmas Dinner
  5. Children’s Christmas Picture Book:                 Humphrey’s Christmas – Sally Hunter
  6. Children’s Christmas Paprtback:                        When Santa Fell to Earth – Comelia Funke and Paul Howard
  7. Adult Christmas Book:

Murder Under The Christmas Tree – Cecily Gayford, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dorothy L. Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, Ellis Peters, Ellis Peters, G. K. Chesterton, Edmund Crispin, Val McDermid

  1. Annual:

    25 Beano Annual 2018
    25 Beano Annual 2018
  2. It’s A Christmas Cracker:

How many letters are in the Christmas alphabet? 25. There’s “no EL”!

  1. A Christmas Number:

2,340,000 mph or 5,083,000 miles per hour  – The speed at which Santa’s sleigh would need to travel if he were to reach every home in the world on Christmas Eve

  1. An Amazing Christmas Fact:
  2. Radio Times Christmas Cover:

    2013 1923
    2013 1923
  3. Christmas Character:                                         Goose & Turkey
  4. Unusual Gifts:      The greatest present of all. A Book Token Where will it take the receiver.A complete new magical world could be opened up to them through the book they buy. It could inspire, answer problems, make them see something differently, entertain or open up a new life or world. Give new feelings or sensations, make them see something differently, entertain, provide new food recipes, help them deal with a problem. Best of all they will remember they you gave them a present that changed their life.
  5. TV AD:                                                                  Hiding The Sprouts (Sky Movies)
  6. EWAN’S ADVENT MESSAGE:       Ewan’s Christmas Blog
  7. GEORGE’S ADVENT MESSAGE:    George’s Christmas Blog

18           A CHRISTMAS ALBUM – CD

Jive Puppy Christmas Album


Christmas Day  – timetable

12 Midnigh Attend t Midnight Mass

1.30am Send children back to bed and on hourly intervals until 5.30  then give in and let them get up and open presents

1              For a 1.45pm sit-down, and a 5kg/11lb turkey

2              Christmas Eve – Prepare all veg potatoes, brussels, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage

3              8am Take the turkey out of the fridge to help bring it to room temperature.

4              10am Put the oven on at its highest setting. Arrange the turkey on a roasting tin with the vegetables. Squeeze over the lemon, and pop the squeezed out halves in the bird. Cover with foil.

5              10.15am Put the turkey in the oven and turn the heat down to 180C/350F/gas 4. Delegate the preparation (peeling and trimming) of the brussels sprouts. Pressgang family members to lay the table.

6              10.30am Go and have a bath and dress in your Christmas finery.

7              12pm Put the Christmas pudding on to steam. Remove the foil from the turkey. Check the table and relay/rearrange as will inevitably be necessary.

8              12.30pm Pour the wine over the turkey. Parboil the potatoes for the roasties. Prepare the nutmeggy butter for the sage and squash mash.

9              12.55 pm Put parsnips, precooked on Christmas eve, into the oven with the potatoes. Heat serving dishes and plates

10           1pm Take the turkey out of the oven and leave it (out of draughts) to rest. Turn the oven temperature up to 200C/400F/gas 6. Make the brandy gravy. Warm the turkey plates – if you don’t have a second oven or a plate warmer then put them in a sink of very hot water and get someone to dry them for you. Or put them on a quick wash in the dishwasher.

11           1.05pm Cook Brussels sprouts as per recipe , warm already prepared red cabbage, and bread sauce

12           1.15pm Put the potatoes in to roast on a high shelf, and the stuffed prunes on a lower shelf. Dress the salad and arrange on plates.

13           1.30pm Give the potatoes a shake. Put the stuffing and sage and squash mash (both covered in foil) on a lower shelf to heat up. Set the sprouts cooking. Corral some guests to help you put the stuffed prunes on the salad and bring it to table.

14           1.45pm Sit down to lunch (checking the potatoes, and putting the sprouts to keep warm before you sit down).

15           2pm Stir the nutmeggy butter through the sage and squash mash. Serve up the turkey, gravy, sprouts, mash, and roast potatoes.

16           3pm-ish Move on to the pudding, and pour yourself a large drink.

4.00pm Sleep

5.00pm Family Christmas Walk

7.00pm Christmas tea

8.00pm Sing-Song and alcoholic drinks

9.00pm Games and alcoholic drinks

11.00pm Christmas Day Supper

1.00am Goodnights and off to bed or home

25 Peace on earth
25 Peace on earth